Sunday, May 2, 2021

There's Romance in the Badlands by Vickie McDonough

The third book in my Romance in the Badlands series has just released. Straight for the Heart, book 3 in the series, is the story of two people facing difficult futures.

Straight for the Heart
Vickie McDonough

Marriage seems to be their only option

Orphaned and destitute, Sarah Oakley hopes to find a home with her uncle in North Dakota. But when she learns he’s an outlaw, she and her young siblings flee, taking his bag of loot. Sarah hides her siblings and takes the gold onto town alone, hoping to claim the reward. Instead, the townsfolk accuse her of being the thief, and she’s tossed in jail to await the circuit judge. She must get back to her siblings, and her only hope for release is to marry a man she doesn’t know.

Rancher Quinn McFarland never expected to marry—and then his grandma sent for a mail-order bride. When the bride doesn’t show, he’s relieved but fears Grandma will just order another one. Quinn balks at the sheriff’s suggestion to marry the gal in his jail so he can drop the charges against her. But she looks so sweet and obviously innocent that Quinn reconsiders.

A marriage of convenience would benefit them both, but could such a union ever result in love? And what will Quinn say when he learns about Sarah’s siblings?

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