Saturday, May 29, 2021

Happy Anniversary to me by Laura Scott @laurascottbooks


The month of May holds a special place in my heart. May 25, 1985 my husband and I were married. That momentum even was thirty-six years ago, but I would go back and marry him all over again.

Not that it's always been easy. Having kids can be stressful, and our son was a bit of a problem child. Now he's a RN at the same hospital where I worked for 38 years, but there was a time when the Waukesha police knew him by name. And I'm not kidding.  

We were actually married on the Saturday over Memorial Day weekend. Ironically, it was also super hot that day, which isn't at all normal for Wisconsin, especially back then. 

So here are some of the pictures - they're a little blurry because well, it was a 36 years ago, haha. And wow, what were we thinking with that white tux? Hilarious.

So tell me what you love the most about May? I'm interested to hear your thoughts. 

I'm also thrilled to have a book releasing on June 1st. Darby's Decision is the third book in my Smoky Mountain Secrets series. 

Will he forgive her betrayal? 

Darby Walsh made the difficult decision to betray Gage Killion to the police so she could get into rehab for the sake of her unborn child. Six years later, she’s managed to stay on track with the help of a wonderful woman who treats Leo like the grandson she never had. When the zip line cable Darby is using pulls free, sending her crashing into a tree, Darby doesn’t think it’s an accident. And when Gage Killion arrives on the scene, he’s her first suspect. She doesn’t tell him about their son, until it becomes clear that the drug dealers they helped put away, are now seeking revenge.

Gage can’t believe he has a five-year-old son. He realizes the baby was the reason Darby had turned him in to the authorities six years ago, and he doesn’t blame her. Ironically, being in jail turned his life around, mainly because of Pastor Davies Bible Study group. Now that Gage knows about Leo, he wants to be a part of the boy’s life, but first he needs to protect Darby, and help find those responsible for the multiple attacks against them. Will he convince Darby her next decision should be to accept his love?

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  1. Happy anniversary and happy almost-release-day, Laura!

  2. Happy belated anniversary!
    My husband wore a white tux at our wedding too. That was the style then.:)