Monday, December 28, 2020

What's in Your 2021 Toolkit? by @MagdalenaScott

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Wow, kids, we've almost made it to the end of 2020. 

A year ago, many of us were planning 2020: choosing our word of the year, using our prettiest cursive in a lovely floral planner book, adhering colored sticky notes onto our Kanbans, or pasting the final magazine picture onto our vision boards.

2020 was to be my Year of Travel. Instead, I had a February of Travel, and I know I was fortunate to have that. Read about my coach trip from Southern Indiana to Key West here:

Since I can't locate a list of my goals for 2020, I can't beat myself up for incomplete tasks. (Woot!) 

But in preparing to write this post, I reflected on the things I have accomplished this year. It was a surprisingly positive experience. I suggest that you take a few moments to give yourself credit for achievements during the toughest months that any of us has experienced. 

I won't include my goals list for 2021 here (you're welcome!) but want to share some of the things that are going into my 2021 Toolkit. (Full disclosure: most of them were also in my 2020 Toolkit.)

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Here goes:

Trello app, physical kanban board, and paper calendar for planning and tracking my writing;

Vision board;

Instrumental soft jazz for background writing music;

Music with vocals for when I'm not trying to focus;

Singing along, loudly - also when I'm not trying to focus;



Daily walks in nature;

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Kitty cuddles;

Romantic comedy movies;

Google Meet;

As little Facebook as possible;

Even less Twitter;

Uplifting books to read;

Healthy food;

Plenty of sleep;

Hugs (really looking forward to hugs); 

Sense of humor;


Gratitude; and

Fairy lights.

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What about you? What are some of the things going into your 2021 Toolkit?



  1. I love the fairy lights addition. They make everything feel special. I hope 2021 is fabulous for you!

    1. YES on fairy lights. ;) Wishing you a beautiful 2021, Kimberly!