Saturday, December 12, 2020

It’s a Wonderful Life Trivia by Cindy Flores Martinez


It’s a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies. I watch it every Christmas season. The other day, I came across some interesting information about the film and thought it would be fun to share it with you. Here are a few things I gathered from several online sources.


Did you know?


It’s a Wonderful Life started as a short story titled The Greatest Gift by Philip Van Doren Stern. Frank Capra eventually bought the rights and made the movie.


Many believe that the town of Seneca Falls, New York inspired the fictional town of Bedford Falls in the movie. Frank Capra supposedly passed through the real town and recreated it at a movie studio just outside of Hollywood.


Cary Grant was originally chosen to portray the lead character, George Bailey. Frank Capra decided to replace him with James Stewart.


Some of the winter scenes were filmed in sweltering heat. If you look closely at the bridge scene, you’ll see that James Stewart has a wet forehead from perspiring amid the fake snow.


The movie was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, but it was a failure at the box office.



The movie inspired my next book series, which a few Sweet Romance Reads authors are part of. More details are coming soon. Stay tuned!


What about you? Do you enjoy watching It’s a Wonderful Life at Christmas time?

Cindy Flores Martinez is a USA Today bestselling author who writes Christian Romance. She has an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Screenwriting. Her debut novel, Mail-Order Groom, started as a screenplay and movie project, which she shopped around Hollywood, New York, and other parts of the world. You can learn more about her at


  1. I love this movie! Fun facts! Thank you!

  2. It wouldn't be Christmas without this movie. :)

  3. I think of this movie every time I hear a bell.

  4. Thank you for sharing all this info, Cindy. I love Cary Grant, but yikes, George Bailey he was not! ;) It's a Wonderful Life was my husband's favorite. I always think of him when I see of hear anything about the movie.