Friday, August 2, 2019

Gotta Love a Lawman by Vickie McDonough

Today is my birthday, and I'm celebrating by telling you about a new release: The Lady and the Lawman, a historical Christian fiction novella collection.

Lawmen and Ladies of the Old West Team Up to Track Down Outlaws

Mistaken Marshal by Crystal L. Barnes
Texas, 1875
First day on the job, Marshal Beau Bones accidentally interrupts a robbery and arrests an outlaw who is disguised as a man. Just as Jo Ross is hiding the God-fearing girl her parents raised, Beau is hiding that he can’t shoot and doesn’t deserve the town’s respect. Is there any way for Beau to free Jo without losing the faith the town has placed in him?

On Track for Love by Vickie McDonough
Missouri, 1875
A new job and a move to a new state put Railroad Agent Landry Lomax on track to meet Cara Dixon—a spirited woman holding a derringer on a train robber. This stubborn woman is not one he wants around his young sister, but then they end up in the same St. Louis boardinghouse. But could Cara’s gumption help him trap a gang of train robbers?

Love Conquers Oil by Annette O’Hare
Texas, 1901
When a murderous bank robber threatens Fern Fisher’s life, she accepts a mail-order bride inquiry and heads for Beaumont, Texas. Only problem is the proposed groom, Jesse Stewart didn’t send for her. His memaw did. Will drilling for oil together produce a “gusher” of love, or will their pasts trigger a “blowout” for their fledgling relationship?

Rocky Mountain Regrets by Kathleen Y’Barbo
Colorado, 1889
While posing as her niece’s mother, Eloise Broderick travels to Colorado to find her brother with the help of Zeke Potter, a man renowned for tracking skills. But when Zeke realizes the man Eloise seeks is the same man he blames for his family’s death, will he use Eloise to get vengeance?

Do you enjoy stories about lawmen? If so, do you have a favorite type of lawman: 
   police officer
   FBI agent
   CIA agent
   something else?


  1. Ooh, Vickie, best wishes to you and the other authors. I love historical fiction. And, Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday, Vickie! I guess my favorite lawman would be a CIA agent. :) All the best with your new anthology!

    1. I haven't read many stories with a CIA agent. I'm going to have to find one.

  3. Happy Birthday! and congratulation on the new release. I'm a historical fan, too.

  4. Happy birthday and congratulations on your new book.

  5. Yes I work for the Game Wardens here in Indiana!!

    1. Cool! I think I've only read one story about a game warden.

  6. Happy birthday, Vickie!
    I do enjoy stories about lawmen. I don't care what kind they are.

  7. Happy Birthday!!! I love local law enforcement. A neighbor growing up was a Deputy Sherrif. A neice & husband were potrole officers, then detectives. Now are at State level as detectives. Love the Blue Line!!!

  8. Vickie, birthday blessings!!! I enjoy reading about all of them <3 I work closely with PD and Fire departments.