Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Re-launching A Series by Kristin Wallace

After five years, I’m returning to my roots with the re-launch of my inspirational romance series. Covington Falls Chronicles represented my first four books and after getting the rights back from a publisher, I’m putting them out on my own. I've missed my quirky little Southern town and the equally quirky characters who live there. Eventually, I hope to add more Chronicles. There are so many side characters that I know have great stories to tell. 

On a side note, you have the privilege of seeing the new covers for the first time.

Marry Me (Book 1)
A lifetime of watching her parents treat relationships like the flavor of the month taught Julia Richardson that love is for fools. Then a crisis has Julia returning to the small Southern town she’s been avoiding for years. Before she knows it, Julia’s been pressed into service running her former stepsister’s wedding planning business. Julia doesn’t know a garter from a garden hose, but now she must navigate couples along the bumpy path down the aisle. In the midst of it all, Julia makes the most unexpected discovery of all…love, with widowed minister, Seth Graham. Julia’s been running from love and everything spiritual for most of her life. It’s not until she finds the courage to stop running and learns to believe in the power of love, faith and family that she finds her own “I Do” moment.

Acting Up (Book 2)
Addison Covington is the reigning Ice Queen of television. Until her producer husband falls in love with her on-screen daughter and a well-placed punch on national television casts her as the wicked ex-wife. Fired and disgraced, she escapes to Covington Falls, the idyllic Southern town where she found comfort in a time of turmoil as a teenager. Before Addison can say “casting call” she’s been recruited to direct the high school musical. Soon she’s dealing with some off-key caterwauling, a bitter stepson showing up on her doorstep, and Ethan Thomas, the boy-next-door turned sexiest high school principal she's ever met. In the end, Addison and Ethan will choreograph a happy ending with the help of Grace, Love and a Curtain Call.

Imagine That (Book 3)
Children’s author Emily Sinclair was supposed to be the next J.K. Rowling. Until her second book flopped and her imagination went on the fritz. So Emily sets out on an epic adventure to find inspiration again. Till a dead car lands her in Covington Falls, Georgia. Soon Emily is taking up her quest, looking for inspiration driving a mobile library van, as a companion to a crotchety old woman and her insomniac dog, and as a very ungraceful baker’s assistant. Of course, what really sparks her romantic fantasies is Nate Cooper, a valiant hero who yields a paint roller instead of a sword. On paper, these two would seem the least likely couple and a happily ever after nothing but fantasy. But with faith and imagination, Emily and Nate are about to write a new chapter that will lead to unexpected love.

By Christmas (Book 4)
Jilted bride, Noelle Robinson, had planned to leave town and skip the holidays. A family crisis changes everything, and now she’s out to save the family business and Christmas for Covington Falls. Soon she’s dealing with parades, a cantankerous ass (the animal kind) and negotiating disputes with Santa’s elves. However, it’s Michael Campbell, the brother of the man who shattered her dreams, who is threatening to disrupt her peace on earth and claim her heart. In the end, Noelle and Michael will have to move beyond past heartbreak to find their holiday happy ending…By Christmas.

I’m very excited to introduce you to these wonderful characters again! Look for more news about this series once they are available for pre-order. 

Kristin Wallace is the USA Today Best Selling Author of inspirational and sweet contemporary romance filled with “Love, Laughter and a Leap of Faith”. Her latest book, SECOND CHANCE HERO, is available now.


  1. A series re-launching by Kristin Wallace. Congratulations. Which is your favorite cover from the series? Mine is Marry Me.

  2. Great series brand. I revamped a romance series last year and really gave it a boost in sales. It helps.

  3. I love all your new covers, Kristin. Best wishes on a successful relaunch!

  4. Congratulations! The book covers are amazing and the stories sound awesome.

  5. I love all the covers. I think my favorite is the Christmas one. :)

    1. Mine too. The brown contrasts so nicely with the pink!!!