Monday, May 20, 2019

May 20th is Be A Millionaire Day by Jackie Castle

I almost spewed my iced tea when I was looking over the "odd and special" National holidays. You know those crazy days such as "Eat an Apple Pie Day" or "Pick Strawberries Day."

Which is also today. But none of my strawberries are ripe yet. So that topic was out.

However, I have written a couple of books about Billionaires. And that's why you're reading this crazy post. Bear with me. Ha!

Today is Be a Millionaire Day. (I'm including the link in case you don't believe me- and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.) I mean, who comes up with these things?

I did a bit of research on tips about becoming a millionaire. They all pretty much say the same thing.

* Save what money you can and invest it.
* Don't go into debt.
* Spend less than you make.

That's the gist of it.
I'm going to make an admission and you'll probably not believe me, but I don't think I'd ever want to become a millionaire.
I don't even buy lottery tickets anymore because one day I got to thinking about what I'd really do if I did win. Sounds crazy, huh?
I like a simple life. A semi-normal life.
Having, and keeping, all that money doesn't seem very simple.

However, it is fun to dream, isn't it? And the billionaire stories are fun to write.
So, let's dream a little...if you were a millionaire...

1. Where would you want to live?
2. What would be your favorite type of transportation?
3. What kind of house would you want to live in? Would you have more than one?
4. What kind of car would you want to drive?

If you enjoy reading about clean and wholesome billionaires, then think about checking out the Grimwood Legacy series. 

My Beastly Billionaire #1
His withdrawal from society and her need to prove her worth come to a head in this modern-day Beauty and the Beast retelling.

When Elisa Lucken's interior design company is hired to decorate the huge but neglected Grimwood Manor for an impromptu holiday gala, Elisa is put in charge of managing the indoor crew. The only catch is--do not disturb the reclusive Duncan Grimwood.

Thrilled and excited about her chance to finally prove herself, Elisa is so absorbed in her work she doesn't hear the blizzard warning that sends the rest of her crew home.

Jewelry Artisan, Duncan Grimwood, had a reputation of being a playboy until the motorcycle accident that left him damaged inside and out. After a year of recuperating, Duncan has withdrawn from his lavish lifestyle and now lives like a hermit ignoring his family and the conditional terms of his inheritance trust.

Worried that Duncan will lose his portion of the Grimwood estate, his personal assistant urges him to re-enter the real world by hosting a holiday gala at the manor to display his latest works. He agrees on the condition that nobody disturbs him while he works to finish his last few pieces.

Snowed in for the weekend with his unexpected guest, Duncan is forced out of his cave.

Will the beautiful decorator he's stuck with help him find a new respect for life before he loses everything?



My Charming Billionaire #2
He has lived the charmed life. She only has her devoted seven workers to depend on in this modern day Snow White retelling.

Jeremy Grimwood followed in his father's footsteps and went to work at the family's investment bank. But his dismal life is racing toward a dead end. Until the weekend when he joins his family at their favorite ski resort. There he runs into his childhood friend, Melody Carson, whom he's had a crush on for as long as he could remember.

Melody Carson inherited the Sky High ski resort when her parents passed away in an auto accident. The resort has been in her family for the past four generations. Now her mountain refuge is about to collapse and the predators are circling.

Jeremy wants to help Melody and maybe get himself out of the friend-zone. But Melody has built a protective wall around herself and refuses to accept hand-outs or take advantage of her friends.

Will Jeremy be able to break through the icy fortress Melody has built around herself, so that she can finally see the true charming prince he really wishes to be?

What's coming next in this series:


  1. I would fix up our current house and take that trip to Scotland and Hungary (where our ancestors were from) we'd like to take. Other than that, when my husband and I talk about what we'd do if he won the lottery, its mostly about charitable stuff.

  2. Fun post, Jackie, and even more fun to imagine being a billionaire. Best wishes on your newest release.

    1. I'm with you, Jackie. A lot of money is just a lot of problems. I always feels sorry for lottery winners!

  3. The advice about saving, not going into debt, and spending less than you make is really good. If you start young with that advice and continue on that apth, you can become a millionaire. Being a millionaire isn't all about fancy houses, cars, or vacations. You might be surprised that the millionaire next door drives a ten-year-old car. Now Billionaires are in a different category.

    1. Those who have a lot of money usually get there because they know how to spend wisely. Usually. =D

  4. There is a day for just about everything. The advice you listed about money management are excellent.

  5. I agree with you, Jackie. Being a millionaire would be way too stressful. Your books look fun. :)
    If I could live anyplace it would probably be on one of the San Juan Islands in WA. I would have a house with a great view of the water and I'd drive a nice SUV.

  6. I would want to travel all around the world without worrying about the cost and buy homes for all of my loved ones and help so many people. It would be exciting!