Thursday, March 7, 2019

A Who's-Ready-for-Summer? Cover Reveal ~ Jean C. Gordon

Leave those below-freezing/below-normal temperatures behind
with Sweet Horizons' cover glimpse into summer.

Starting in May 2019 the Indigo Bay Sweet Romance series continues with six new books in the spinoff Second Chance Romance series. Come fall in love with the small beach town that started it all...

There’s nothing like a wedding to bring people together, but family dynamics can be complicated, especially newly blended ones. 

Sonja Cooper is thrilled that her daughter Lauren is marrying Jesse Brewster and giving her a ready-made granddaughter in the irrepressible 3-year old Shelley. The fact that Jesse is also Sonja’s business partner in the launching of the Morrison Mansion B&B is just a bonus.

Custom bike shop owner Jeff Brewster is also delighted that his son Jesse is marrying Lauren and building a new family. The one awkward aspect is the unexpected attraction he feels towards Sonja. For although Sonja feels the same spark, having been burned in her divorce from Lauren’s father, she’s determined never to be dependent on a man again.

Then the Indigo Bay Business Association pits Sonja and Jeff against each other by having their businesses compete for the coveted “New Business of the Year Award.” All’s fair in love and war, but hearts don’t always listen!

This is the 3rd novel in the Indigo Bay Second Chance Romances series, but all books can be read as standalones.

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  1. Wow, gorgeous cover, Jean. Best wishes on this latest series release!

  2. I love it, Jean! Congratulations on your upcoming release!

  3. Congratulations on the new release.

  4. Your cover is beautiful and your story sounds wonderful!

  5. Thanks. The artist who has done all of the Indigo Bay books is excellent.

  6. Nice cover and interesting storyline.

  7. This sounds like a great book!