Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Counting the days.... by Roxanne Rustand

It's March--and about time!  After a winter of record-breaking cold and snow here in the Upper Midwest, I am so ready for temps above freezing, sunshine and Daylight Savings Time to bring a bit of cheer to this loooong  winter. 

We've been feeding the birds constantly, trying to help them survive the brutal cold, and it just amazes me that they seem to have weathered the Polar Vortex much better than we have! God's amazing planning for these tiny creatures, with their bare, toothpick legs, never ceases to amaze me.

Some of you are in warmer parts of the country, and have no need of 1200 gram Thinsulate boots, hand warmers to tuck into your 200 gram Thinsulate mittens, and layered clothing, but for us, the news that we might reach the mid 40s this next week is a dream come true.

With that in mind, I just have to post a photo of spring to remind us all that it isn't far away.  And I really shouldn't complain about a bit of cold, when so many of us have faced far worse this past year--terrible tornadoes. Mudslides. Devastating forest fires.  Flooding. Hurricanes.

How have you fared? Have you been in the path of any of this awful weather?  I pray that you have stayed safe thus far, and that you enjoy a safe and blessed time this year.
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  1. Roxanne,
    The weather in the Carolinas has been rainy for weeks. I'm definitely ready for nicer weather!

    1. Are you in North or South Carolina? I keep seeing such awful weather heading up the East Coast!

  2. Roxanne, thanks for the photo of lilacs. They are my favorite flower.

    1. Mine too. I just adore the lovely scent and the beautiful color!

  3. Our weather in my city in Oregon has been mild. We've had some snow and very cold temps but nothing catastrophic. That being said, I've been researching warm travel destinations. :) I'm so cold!

  4. Spring, spring, spring! Can't come too soon!

  5. Snow, snow and more snow. I can't wait for spring!

  6. In my part of southern Indiana, we haven't had much snow, but have experienced some cold temperatures. Definitely nothing to compare with yours though, Roxanne!

  7. WE had 5 feet of snow in the month of Feb. A record! I still take that over tornadoes etc.