Thursday, September 27, 2018

Sometimes Technology Can Drive Me Crazy by Margaret Daley

Sometimes Technology Can Drive Me Crazy
By Margaret Daley

I’ve never acclaimed I was a technology whiz, but usually I could hold my own, managing the various social media sites, self publishing my books, updating my website and other aspects that a writer needs to do in today’s world of publishing that have nothing to do with writing a story. But recently I’ve been wrestling with my spam program for my website. It’s not working, and I’m swamped with 3000 spam emails during a day. I was upset with the program because it wasn’t working. 

Then I realized the real problem is the people who send spam over and over to our emails, websites, blogs, Facebook and anything else we have, especially when I start looking at some of these spam comments left on my website. If they were truly from the people of the merchandise being praised, then how in the world do they think I’ll buy their product when they flood my inbox with emails I never wanted?

And while I’m on a rant how about all the spam calls we get even though your name is on the Do Not Call List. I still get solicitations several times a day!

So other than pulling your hair out, how do you handle all the spam thrown at you all the time?

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  1. You are so right, Margaret. I get lots of spam too!

  2. Spam is so annoying. And those sales calls...grr. don't get me started. I wish there was a simple answer to both problems. With all the technology advances you'd think there would be soon.

  3. I wish I had an answer for you, Margaret. :/