Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Tell us your favorite name for a chance to win a free e-book!

We - the authors of the anthology Sweet Christmas Kisses 5 - are already deep in our Christmas story preparations. The pre-order date is set for July 15, so we'll all finalize our stories in the next weeks!

Today, as every 20th of the month, we want to give you a chance to win free e-books from three of the nine authors who will make up this year's anthology. How? We'll share with you the names of our heroes and heroines, and you'll tell us at the Sweet Romance Reads Café on Facebook which name is your favorite. That easy. Just click onto the link below.


Beate Boeker - my heroine is called Sabrina, and the hero is called Mick. I really like short names for my heroes. This also means I make less typos when I write the story. :-) They are both Italian, and they live in Florence. In fact, Mick's real name is Michele, the Italian version of Michael. You'd pronounce that Me-ka-le, but he's always been called Mick, even before he started to work in the US for some years ... I do hope you'll like them when you get to know them!

Josie Riviera - My heroine is Chiara Johnson, a nurse. The hero is Vance Thatcher. The setting is a horse farm in Turning Point, Virginia. Chiara has been hired as a live-in nurse for the month of December to care for the hero's younger sister, who fell off a horse during a horse competition and is recovering from a concussion.

Christine Bush - Gabrielle likes to be called "Gabby". The nickname fits!  She's my heroine in "Christmas with the Carmichaels".  My silver haired hero is named Leonard. He would chuckle at being called a "hero".  He's an unassuming, kindly, loving grandfather who lives in a little town in Maine. I hope your love this unlikely pair as much as I do!

Liwen Y. Ho - My characters are Philip Wong and Vanessa Lim. If you read my book, Puppy Dog Tales, you'll have met Philip briefly during his blind date with the heroine from that story. Since he didn't get the girl that time, I decided to help him out by introducing him to Vanessa (named after my aunt) in this upcoming story.

Jean C. Gordon - My heroine is Samantha "Sam" Linder. She's an out-of-work investigative reporter/temporary pizza delivery person who's just gotten a freelance assignment to interview my hero Royce Evans. Royce is a motocross champion, who's just been jilted at the altar. If you read "A Team Macachek Christmas" in last year's Sweet Christmas Kisses 4, you briefly met Royce.

Mary Alford  - My heroine Charlotte Swenson, has been a coma for eight years when she suddenly awakes a few days before Christmas. My hero, Dylan Parker, is the sheriff of Bitter Creek, Colorado. Dylan and Charlotte were high school sweethearts. Throughout all those eight years, Dylan visited Charlotte all the time. After being urged by friends and family, Dylan has only recently begin to put his life together and move. And now Charlotte's awake…

Kristin Wallace - My heroine is Mia Reynolds, a struggling single mother with a bit of a secret. The hero has a pretty interesting name. His name is Winthrop Barrington, II. (I'm sure you can guess that he's not exactly poor, LOL). How he wound up with that unusual name is actually a running joke in the story. Winthrop is his maternal grandmother's last name. Her family had only girls, so she named her son "Winthrop" to make sure it didn't die out. So, my hero got stuck with being the second Winthrop. He prefers to go by "Win", though, because even he admits Winthrop is pretentious and the kind of name that can get a little kid beat up on the playground.

Milou Koenings - Volunteer firefighter Ryan Gordon devotes his life to saving and taking care of everyone else. If you've read my book I Love You Three, you might remember him as a sixteen year old bad boy. He even made a cameo appearance in The Gift of Yesterday, my novella in last year's Sweet Christmas Kisses 4. He's all grown up now and a volunteer firefighter who's done fighting his past bad reputation. Rose Silver, on the other hand, is a supermodel still trying to deal with hers - and won't reveal her last name. Sorry, Rose - I just did it for you...  Why these names? Ryan needed a little Irish rogue about him. And when I started writing this, my daughter was babysitting a gorgeous, delicate, exceptionally kind little girl named Rose who somehow wrangled her way into my story and stole the show.

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  1. Great authors in Sweet Romance Kisses 5.

  2. Thank you, Margaret and Merrillee! I'm already looking forward to reading all the stories myself!

  3. I am too! A great group of holiday stories this year.

  4. All sound great. Something to look forward too.