Sunday, June 10, 2018

Flowers Only Dracula Could Love

by Shanna Hatfield

The sun is shining brightly, the sky is an incredible shade of blue, the grass if verdant and lovely... yet the stench of death lingers in the air, disrupting the bliss of my backyard.
Captain Cavedweller’s beloved Dracula Lilies are in bloom.
When we first moved into our home, it was nearing the end of summer. I had no idea what bulbs might spring forth with life in the flower beds the following spring. One late spring day, I noticed the most horrible smell, like something dead and decaying, blowing in my open window.
Rushing outside, expecting to see a dead animal in the neighbor’s pasture next to our backyard fence(or perhaps in the middle of our yard), I couldn’t find anything that would create such a ghastly aroma.
That’s when I noticed these hideous blooms.
Flies buzz around the plant, only to be disappointed that there isn't actually anything dead. Just the horrendous stench of the grotesque blooms.
For the record, I think the flowers are:
  • obscene
  • disgusting
  • a blight on the plant world
And I’m pretty sure the combination of these three reasons is why CC refuses to let me destroy the bulbs.
After we had our septic system replaced, I had high hopes the crew accidentally dug up all the bulbs. Much to my dismay, they only seemed to have caused them to reproduce at a faster rate of growth!
The technical name for the plant is Dracunculus Vulgaris,  also known as the Voodoo Lily or Dracula Lily. (I totally get the vulgar part of the name!)
Truly, I think these are flowers only Dracula could really love (besides CC!). Have you ever encountered these blooms of death?
What is your least favorite plant or flower?

After spending her formative years on a farm in eastern Oregon, hopeless romantic Shanna Hatfield turns her rural experiences into sweet historical and contemporary romances filled with sarcasm, humor, and hunky heroes.

When this USA Today bestselling author isn’t writing or covertly hiding decadent chocolate from the other occupants of her home, Shanna hangs out with her beloved husband, Captain Cavedweller.

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  1. Shanna, I don't think I've ever met a Dracula Lily in person. Sounds like that's something to be thankful for - yikes! :) My least favorite plant is poison ivy, closely followed by poison oak.

    1. Those are both icky plants, Magdalena. And yes, you haven't missed a thing by not encountering a Dracula Lily. :)

  2. What a riot! I never heard of these! Actually, I am thrilled when I can keep ANY FLOWER or plant alive, Even if ugly!!

    1. I do not have the world's greenest thumb, so I know what you mean, Christine!

  3. I suggest an "accidental" poisoning over several years, Shanna. :-) The plants not CC.

    1. LOL! Definitely not, CC, even if he has terrible taste in plants. ;)

  4. I love Bradford Pear trees. They have beautiful blossoms in spring. But they stink like rotten fish.

  5. Shanna, I have never seen or heard of a Dracula Lily, and from your description that sounds like a good thing. I'm with Magdalena. I don't like poison ivy.

  6. Shanna,
    What a great post! I agree with Magdalena, also.