Sunday, June 17, 2018

Celebrating Father's Day by Liwen Y. Ho

It's Father's Day, and I'll bet somewhere near you is the smell of crispy bacon wafting in the air. There's just something magnetic about men and meat, don't you agree? My family has been celebrating all weekend long, first with my dad yesterday, then with my father-in-law today. As expected, there will be lots of eating involved because that's how we celebrate any big occasion in our family.

Speaking of fathers, I was thinking about the fictional ones I've written about in my books. In most of my stories, a dad makes a brief appearance, often times in a character's thoughts or memories. There are two books, however, that feature a father as one of the main characters.

The first book is Drawn to You, which stars Lucas Choi. He's a straight-laced police officer who gets a second chance with his high school nemesis, Sam.

Feisty and adventurous, art teacher Sam Koo is used to getting what she wants, including talking her way out of traffic tickets. When it comes to money matters though, she’s a lost cause. Her studio is in trouble, and there’s no way of charming herself out of this mess.

Police officer Lucas Choi is the last person she expects to rescue her. Handsome and rule-abiding, he was the best—and worst—part of her high school experience. When they meet a decade later, he’s still on her case and quick to point out her flaws.

Their differences drive each other crazy, but also draw them closer. The attraction is tangible, yet so are Sam’s fears. Will she choose to protect her heart or trust the only man who ever rejected her?

The second book, Tropical Kiss or Miss, features Matthew Chan. He's a hardworking newspaper reporter looking for a second chance with his wife, Olivia, and son, Micah.

Two friends-turned-lovers learn to give each other and their marriage a second chance.

Therapist Olivia Chan can’t wait to escape it all—a failed marriage, a struggling practice, and her son Micah’s recent health scare. The Hawaiian getaway she planned, however, gets rained on—quite literally—by a tropical storm and the unexpected arrival of her estranged husband Matthew, who’s determined to win her back. 

Forced to confront the past, will Olivia and Matt learn to love again? The fear of rejection is great, but God’s grace is greater. With the help of their son's prayers, this marriage might just weather life’s storms and come out for the better.

The fathers in these stories are great guys, but they are both struggling to make things right with the women and kids in their lives. I had a lot of fun bringing Lucas and Micah to life and giving them the happy endings they so needed. 

How are you celebrating Father's Day? Do you like reading romance books starring dads? Let me know in the comments below! I look forward to reading your replies.

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  1. Our family celebrates most every occasion with food, also, Liwen. Thanks for the Father's Day tribute, and your books sound like great reads.

    1. Thanks, Josie! I hope your family has a wonderful time celebrating and eating today.

  2. Happy Father's Day to all dads. Fathers are so important to a family.

    1. Yes, for sure! They fill a role no one else can.

  3. Liwen, thank you for sharing your stories about fathers. They sound like great reads!

  4. Thanks for telling us about your stories about fathers.