Thursday, April 19, 2018

Another chance to win!

It's the 20th of the month again, and I hope you've already marked it on your calendars! Why? Because this is the day when you get a chance to win free e-books at the Sweet Romance Reads Café!

Today, the nine authors of our next anthology, Sweet Christmas Kisses 5, have answered an interesting question: Where did you grow up -- and is your book set in the same area or have you chosen a different place? You will see that we are an international bunch of authors with plenty of interesting backgrounds. Milou is winning the prize, though - she managed to live in nine countries before she was 18 (if I counted right!).

Liwen Y. Ho - grew up in Taiwan & California, and her story will take you to the SF Bay Area, California.

Milou Koenigs  grew up in - gasp! - Belgium; Burundi; Canada; Connecticut; Illinois; India; Israel; Kenya; Massachussetts; Pennsylvania; Saudi Arabia; South Africa; Switzerland; Uganda - and her story is set in the fictional small town of Green Pines, Illinois.

Christine Bush was born in New York, grew up and lived in Pennsylvania, USA ... and her story is set in a small town in Maine,USA.

Beate Boeker - grew up in Germany and Iran, and her story takes the reader to Florence, Italy.

Jean C. Gordon was born in Niagara Falls and grew up in a small town in Western New York. She tried city living in Los Angeles, CA, for college before returning to Upstate New York. Her story is set in a small town in Central New York.

Josie Riviera is from upstate New York and has placed her story in Cherish, South Carolina.

Mary Alford is a native Texan who's still living in Central Texas. She stuck to her roots and set her story in a small Texas town, but then, as sometimes happens, the plot took her to Bitter Creek, Colorado.

Kristin Wallace grew up mostly in sunny Miami, Florida where she doesn’t get to the beach nearly enough. Her SCK5 book is set in Florida, but a small town called Palm Cove. Not like Miami at all, but it sure is a fun change of pace. 

Roxanne Rustand lives in the country with her husband, two rescue dogs, some rescue cats and three horses--and all of them keep her busy when she isn't writing.  In May, she and her daughter are going to Paris for two weeks and her sweet romance novella will be set there. She says it will be such fun doing the research for this story!  :)

So, readers, now it's up to you: From all of the locations above, which one sounds the most interesting to you? What place would you most love to read about and why?
Three lucky winners will get a free e-book from one of our authors!
We're looking forward to chatting with you at our café, so come on over: