Saturday, February 17, 2018

What's Your Love Language? by Liwen Y. Ho

Since it's "love month" around here (aka. Valentine's Day month), I thought I'd share about the concept of the five love languages, as made popular by author Gary Chapman.

These are five ways that people "speak" and understand emotional love.

1) Words of affirmation. These are simply verbal (or written) compliments that one gives to another person to build them up. Some examples are: "You look beautiful in that dress"; "You can always make me laugh"; and "I appreciate it when you pick me up on time".

2) Quality time. This is the act of devoting your full attention to someone. In this day and age, it means turning off any devices and just sitting face to face, talking and listening to one another.

3) Receiving gifts. For some people, receiving a tangible gift from someone shows how much the person thought of you. It's not the cost of the gift, but the time and thought that went into buying it.

4) Acts of service. Doing something for another person that you know would mean a lot to him or her can be a great sign of love. Serving someone requires thought, planning, time, effort and energy.

5) Physical touch. Studies have shown that physical touch is important for emotional health. For some people, touch—even a brief hug or pat on the shoulder—is essential to helping them feel secure.

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For me, I thrive when I receive words of affirmation. The way I show love, however, is through giving gifts and acts of service.

What makes you feel loved? Also, how do you express your love for others? I'd love to know what your love language is, so please share in the comments below!

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  1. Mine is acts of service. I never forget a kindness. Make a note of that! :-)

  2. I am an encourager and love to give affirmation. It is what I want in return also.

    1. That’s awesome! The world needs more encouragement. Thanks for sharing, Sheila. :)

  3. Acts of service and words of affirmation.

  4. Great post, Liwen. I especially believe in spending quality time with someone you love.