Thursday, August 17, 2017

Which Romantic Male Lead Do You Prefer?

Have you noticed the male leads in romantic movies and books usually fall into one of two categories? There's the Type A guy and the Type B guy. Here's a breakdown of the two archetypes:

The Type A hero is confident, direct, and social and may be brooding, dark, and damaged. He has a commanding way about him that comes from physical power, financial wealth, or a way with the ladies. Mr. Darcy and James Bond are examples of a Type A man. Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, and George Clooney usually play this kind of character on screen.

The Type B hero has more of an emotional side and is giving, responsible, and quick to laugh at himself. He's the nice guy who plays a friend first and lover second. Spiderman and Ron Weasley are examples of a Type B man. Adam Sandler, Michael Cera, and Hugh Grant typically play this role in movies. 

I'm married to a Type A man, but I do find Type B guys to be endearing and sweet. This explains why I like to write both types of leading men in my books.

The male lead in my latest story, Chasing Romance, is definitely a Type A kind of guy. Chase Lockhart is America's newest pop sensation and he's not afraid to go after what he wants, including Izzy Sutton, an older single mom. You can read Chase and Izzy's story and nine other sweet romances in Fall Into Romance, a boxed set releasing October 5th!

Savor the taste of spicy pumpkin, breathe in the cinnamon-laced air, listen to the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet as you FALL INTO ROMANCE. This sweet collection of 10 new heartwarming novellas draws readers into the fictional town of Romance, Oregon — where adventures abound and love is in the autumn air!

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Here's more about my story, Chasing Romance.
Izzy Sutton shelved away her own needs when her ex-boyfriend left town eighteen years ago, leaving her to raise their daughter alone. With Gracie away at college now, she has time to invest in her Bed and Breakfast, as well as her secret songwriting job. Trouble starts though when a handsome singer comes looking for a room, forcing Izzy to decide if it’s worth opening up her heart again, especially to a much younger man.
Pop sensation Chase Lockhart owes his overnight fame to one song penned by an anonymous writer. Desperate for more chart-toppers, he travels to Oregon to collect the other songs she owes him. Finding her is the least of his troubles; getting past her defenses, including her dog who hates him, proves to be the real challenge.
Can a shared love of music lead a young singer and a single mom to fall in love? Anything’s possible in the small town of Romance.

Do you prefer your romantic male lead to be a Type A or Type B man? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. I am married to an A type and prefer to read about that type. Though I kind of like mixing it up. Of course, the perfect man would be halfway between A and B. LOL

  2. I like them both and read stories with both. For Regency novels, I prefer Type A but for contemporary stories I like Type A and B. And I married a Type B with a sprinkle of A.

  3. I like both types of men, especially Type A. As a musician, I love the premise of your book. My son is a songwriter!

    1. Oh, that is awesome! You have a talented family, Josie. :)

  4. I think it depends on the story. Some type A's ust work better in certain stories and some type B's. My personal favorite is type A. The brooding hero.

    1. That is so true, Mary. It really depends on the story, as well as the heroine. Great point. :)

  5. Definite type A! :D But I have a soft spot for type B... maybe because I am type B? LOL. Great pix of Mr. DC. ;)

  6. I like both. I am married to a type A and love them, but sometimes I enjoy to read about the type B.

  7. I like both, too, because there are very good alpha and beta males. But I do love Daniel Craig! I heard he's going to do another Bond movie--woo hoo!

    Sean Connery is an A for me, Harry Connick Jr is a B, but I love them both

    1. Oh, that's exciting to hear! I love Daniel Craig as James Bond, too. :)