Friday, June 10, 2016

He's Hot, I'm Not

by Shanna Hatfield

The annual battle of the thermostat has begun in our normally happy home.

You see, Captain Cavedweller runs a little on the warm side (like ten degrees higher than normal people - that's right, I said normal people!).

In the winter, as I sit bundled up with multiple layers of sweaters and heavy socks and fuzzy slippers, he parades around the house in gym shorts and a muscle shirt. Unless the temperature is below freezing, he won't even bother with a coat when he's outside.

When the heat of the summer descends on us, things really heat up around our house. The battle of wills and control of the thermostat begins.
My beloved starts cranking down the A/C as soon as it hits 80 outside. We've had triple-digit temps this week, so things have been especially challenging.

While I'm tucked away in my office, frantically working on whatever project is taking all my attention at any giving moment, he's doing his best to turn me into a human popsicle.

When my teeth start to chatter, I sneak over to the thermostat and boost it back up to a setting 90 percent of the population would find pleasantly cool.

I'll settle back into my office chair and barely return to work before a cold blast of air blows over me from the vent by my desk.

It makes me think of that fun scene from Father of the Bride II.

Steve Martin is caring for his pregnant daughter and wife and they want the house cold. Really cold. Freezing cold.

Rather like the inside of my not-so-cozy home.

I think I'm losing the battle to regulate the thermostat.

How can I tell a man who has spent the last ten hours outside, most of the afternoon in 103 degree temperatures, that I'm a bit chilly and he needs to deal with it?


 If anyone drops by for a visit this summer, don't be surprised if I answer the door wearing a winter coat and warm gloves. I might even have some hot chocolate to share with you.

Have you ever had a thermostat war? Do you run hot or cold? 

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Convinced everyone deserves a happy ending, USA Today best-selling author Shanna Hatfield is out to make it happen, one story at a time. Her sweet historical and contemporary romances combine humor and heart-pumping moments with relatable characters.
   When this hopeless romantic isn’t writing or indulging in rich, decadent chocolate, Shanna hangs out with her husband, lovingly known as Captain Cavedweller.

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  2. LOL! Great blog, Shanna! Your house sounds like my house. I'm always freezing, because my husband loves to keep the air conditioning on ultra-cold.

    1. I'm in good company with you, then, Josie! Glad I'm not the only one! :)

  3. My hubby is exactly the same. Actually the kids are too. So I'm the only one wearing sweats and they're running around in shorts and tees. All year long LOL

  4. My hubby is exactly the same. Actually the kids are too. So I'm the only one wearing sweats and they're running around in shorts and tees. All year long LOL

    1. I feel your pain (or is it the chilly fingers), Anna! LOL!

  5. Lucky for me, hubby and the boy have no idea how to work the thermostat so I get the control. We believe if you're cold, put on more clothes in the winter. Summer is always a challenge in the house. I usually set it at 75 and see if it can keep up with the heat.

  6. my daughter is like that she told me i can put on more cloths if i get cold.

  7. Shanna, sounds like my house. My hubby is always turning on the ceiling fans and lowering the thermostat. When we watch TV together in the evenings, I have a throw to cover myself.

  8. I've been known to sit under a blanket in the middle of the summer in the evenings when we watch TV together. Glad I'm in good company, Merrillee!

  9. I am the one that usually runs hot but my hubby in the winter goes out for a run all bundled up and comes in and wears shorts and turns the ceiling fans on and if I am up and sitting in my chair my poor feet start freezing and the rest of me is cover up and under a blanket. But I sleep year around without covers most of the time. I turn up the heat like normal people do in the winter but want air on in the summer. Lately I have been freezing not hot and he puts on the air during the night and I have to cover up because I am getting cold. It is weird as I went to through menopause in my early thirties after my one and only child. So when I do get hot it is not that at this age. LOL Who can ever figure it out.

  10. Truly enjoyed your post. I can relate. I get so wrapped up in writing, it isn't until I stop to eat that I realize my skin is frozen. I have a fleece blanket within reach of my office chair.

  11. We definitely have a battle of the thermostat here! My hubby works second shift, so he sleeps during the day. I try to turn the heat up or set the AC to a not so cold level when he's sleeping. Lol. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'm always cold. I definitely enjoy the heat! I'll usually end up wearing sweats in the summer or sitting outside on the patio so I'm not so cold. :)

    1. Hi Brittina! You were my randomly selected winner! If you could please email me at - I'll get your prize to you! Congrats!

  12. We don't have the battle around here. Partly due to the fact that my husband has a pretty broad range of comfort regarding temperature. For me personally, I spend a lot of my time during the summer "freezing" in my house, but I would so much rather be chilly and add a few layers to get warm than for it to get hot in the house and not be able to do anything about it, so we keep it cold around here.

  13. I really enjoyed reading your blog...and thank you so much for the opportunity to win!!! This sounds so much like my own house!!! When you speak of the Battle of the Thermostat...I really like to remember my late husband's...who died too early...words to me...when we first started living together!!! He used to tell me you can put on more clothes and blankets, get warmer...but I can only take off so much...down to my skin!!! It was very true too! But I found out the hard might say, because in May, 2006...I had a very bad accident and amongst my other injuries...I had a neck that was broken in three places!!! I had to wear a halo...for a full year...and the trauma pushed my body into menopause...with all of its famous hot flashes!!! A case you don't a big metal circular apparatus...that gets screwed in four places...into your head...the screws are tightened each month and must be thoroughly cleaned...every day...where they enter the skin...but most of all...the even worst part...if you can that it rests on your shoulders, and is attached to a sheepskin vest...which is not removable at all...and that goes from your neck to your belly and is very hot to wear...because the heat is unable to escape! I had to make it thru that summer...I sat in front of the air my panties...almost 24 hours a!!! I made it of course...although it was...very uncomfortable! So now...I am still very cold blooded, because I always have low blood pressure...90/ even now...I have to add clothes and put on extra night!!! I wear jogging pants...sweatshirt with a t-shirt underneath and socks almost every night! Cold actually hurts is I love to be warm, and it takes a lot generally to make me sweat!!! And I sit and think about my husband and giggle!!! And miss all the negotiations too!!! Everything in a marriage...or relationship is better...when you can compromise...and work things out!!! Communication is very important!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win! Have a wonderful, Blessed Day!!! Good Luck to Everyone too

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