Wednesday, May 4, 2016


With the elections debates, rallies, interviews, I bet you have been watching the news more than usual. I know I did.

Surprisingly, the political candidates demonstrated that they share several qualities. The lessons I learned as an author can be implemented in various professions.

Lesson One: Political candidates never take a break. They are so much on the go, we wonder if they ever find time to sit for a dinner or talk to their families.
Keep writing. Book after book.

Lesson Two: They are incredibly perseverant. Even if there is no hope, they keep going. Criticism, insults or negative ads by an opponent don’t seem to affect them. They never let a loss or a low percentage in the polls stop them from campaigning.
Don’t let low sales, bad rating or negative reviews affect your creativity.

Lesson Three: They are all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various social media to publicize their message and be visible.
A daily post on Facebook, Twitter are a must.

Lesson Four: Since they can’t be everywhere, they keep a campaign staff to help spread their message.
Network and belong to a group that can re-tweet, share your posts on Facebook; and a street team to post reviews.

I am writing this post as an advice to you, the authors, writers, editors,... as much as I am writing it for myself, as a reminder to always persevere.

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  1. What great wisdom put in a charming way. Thanks!

  2. Loved the lessons you've taken from the news.

  3. Always excellent advice, Mona. Never give up and persevere.