Thursday, May 5, 2016

Life changes...

Inspiration comes from the most varied places, doesn't it?  The chance bit of conversation overheard as people walk by.  An intriguing paragraph within a long magazine article.  People watching in a busy airport, or something a friend says just in passing, can spur ideas that  take on a life of their own.

Have you ever found yourself heading in an entirely new, unexpected direction in life? Found a new hobby that fascinates you...discovered a new love of travel, or music, or art, or a craft that gives you joy? Or found yourself in a different family situation than you'd ever imagined? That certainly happened to me.

I've been cleaning my office--a massive undertaking every time--and came across some old, old photos, including this one of me and our first two little blondies who are now married with little ones of their own.  Wow--just look at that mid-1980's hair!  LOL!  Mother's Day is just around the corner, and  that plus this photo made me think about life changes and directions I hadn't predicted when I was young.

In college, I had no thought about marriage--I was happy showing my horses, skiing, going to school.  And then I met my future husband.  Four years later we married, four years after that our first child came just days after I finished my orals and comps in grad school. Life changes-- but how sweet they were!  I had never guessed how much I would love being a mom to these two boys, or the sister that followed. Or that, in being a mom, I would come to fully appreciate the work and sacrifice and love my own mother showered on her own family. I only wish she was still here, so I could tell her again how much I love and appreciate everything she did.

However you celebrate Mother's Day--with your own mom, as a mom yourself,  or  with someone who has been a loving aunt, friend or mentor, here's wishing you a wonderful day on Sunday and throughout the coming year!

Roxanne Rustand
USA Today Bestselling Author
The Single Dad's Redemption, Love Inspired 7/2016
An Aspen Creek Christmas, Love Inspired 11/16


  1. What a sweet picture and sentiment! Thanks for sharing

  2. Beautiful pic. Yes, life is constantly changing, and although we're resistant to change (at least I am), change is good.

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