Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Story I Can't Write by Pat Simmons

As an author and former news writer, I'm greedy for information. I’m always in the mood to hear a good story. Give me a picture of what happened, and my mind writes the caption. Share a few tidbits, and my brain paints an elaborate tale, whether it be true or false. After all, truth is stranger than fiction, right?
What do you do when someone confides in you a story so heart-breaking, so terrifying, so unreal, it could read like a movie script or a #1 bestseller, but you can’t repeat a word of it? As I listened to an account of tragic events that had taken place, I couldn’t help but think I’ve read the plot somewhere, but those events didn’t happen on the pages between characters I didn’t know. This time, with this story, I know the characters, and sadly, the story could be fact-checked.
If only the tale was a work of fiction, I’d tweak the plot to have a “happily ever after.” I believe every story an author writes has an element of truth in it. That’s what makes it believable, right?  It’s too bad truth couldn’t be more like fiction, especially romance, where a happy ending is guaranteed every time.
In my role as a confidant, I have to tune out the author in me shouting, “This story has to be told!” Yet, I will never be the one to pen it.  As a Christian, I’m reminded of Proverbs 11:13: “A talebearer reveals secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit conceals the matter.” I’m entrusted to silently pray for restoration of the losses, forgiveness of the guilty parties, and hope for happiness.

The floor is open for discussion. Can you recall any situations where someone confided in you and you held it, or felt it needed to be told?
Pat Simmons is an award-winning and bestselling author of Christian novels. Learn more about her thirty titles at www.patsimmons. Her newest release is EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A PRAYING MAN. Make it your weekend read.


  1. Pat, it is important to keep confidences until that person is willing to share their story. That time sometimes never comes.

  2. I have a friend with a story and I am encouraging her to write it and share with others her incredible journey.

    1. This story didn't have a good outcome. Although this person isn't a writer, it would be to much to relive it to write.

  3. This is a beautiful and timely post, Pat. I'm a believer that confidences must be kept.