Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Forward

I want my hour back.

About a week ago most of us lost an hour due to Daylight Savings Time. Our clocks jumped forward an hour and I, for one, still haven’t recovered from the lost sleep. I suppose it’s a lesson about living too close to the edge of sleep deprivation, but it’s also reality that most of us have way too much going on in our lives and have forgotten what being well-rested ever felt like. Losing that hour just finished me off.

I want my hour back. If I could have it restored, what would I do with it? Sleep? Watch that DVR’d episode of a favorite show? Write for an hour? There was a funny meme on Facebook stating that the lost hour was the hour that had been intended for the gym. Very cute. Would I work out? Spend the time in conversation with a loved one? Read a book?
One hour. A bonus hour that you get back–what would you do with that extra hour? I’d like to know. Post your answer here and I’ll enter you in the drawing for the ebook, BEACH RENTAL because even if an hour isn’t long enough to get to a fun or restful locale like the beach, at least you can get there via a book.
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  1. When we first moved to AZ, I didn't know whether I would miss not having daylight savings time because I always liked that extra hour of daylight. Now that I don't have to change time, I wish we would forget daylight time. Even though we don't have to change, we still have to adjust our thinking when dealing with folks in other time zones.

    1. I've always preferred and gaining an hour. Springing forward is always a difficult adjustment for me.

  2. I want it back too - and we haven't even sprung forward yet. We change this Thursday. Thursday? In the middle of the week? How ridiculous is that? Dreading it, it's such a hard adjustment for everyone in the family!

  3. I want my hour back, too, Grace!