Thursday, January 28, 2016

Balance - by Magdalena Scott

I keep seeing articles about shaping up for the new year, so--whew--I guess it's not too late to tell you about my oneword365 for 2016.

Last year my word was Simplify, and I almost went ahead and used that one again. But I sort of have a handle on Simplify. (Except for my perennially exploding Giant Closet.)

What I'm way off on is Balance. Last year I spent so many hours working-learning-networking-promoting, that other parts of my life were suffering. (Actually now I think of it, if I had simplified all those tasks, I might be further along on Balance. Hmm.)

I'm making some progress, but a month into 2016, I'm not ready to announce I've got this whipped. The sign above is posted on my fridge, and every time I walk past it, I'm reminded of what I'm trying to achieve.

Did you make a resolution, or choose a word to help you move toward a goal? If so, how's it going? It's still early, you know. I think we can do it this year!

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  1. Can I tell my husband to get this word?

  2. Hi Magdalena, I tried to put balance in my life and failed. Balance brings good health and relaxation. Unfortunately balance doesn't bring success. To get success you need to give a project your 100% and more. Being an ambitious person I always work 100% on my project, thrive to succeed, and of course fail miserably at approaching balance. Is it any surprise I am often stressed? LOL

    1. You never look stressed to me, Mona. You're always smiling! :)

  3. Magdalena,
    You are so right but it is oh-so-difficult.

    1. I find it difficult too, Josie. Today in particular I am a great example of how NOT to do Balance!

  4. I don't do words of resolutions, but I'm constantly trying to improve.