Friday, August 7, 2015

Love to Anticipate by Shaleen Kapil

Every night, I ask my children what their favorite or happy part of their day was. For my son, the answer is almost always the anticipation of something he is looking forward to. Yesterday, it was the idea that his grandfather was going to take him golfing when he comes to visit. Today, that his friends were going to come visit us. (When it is not something in the future, it is normally a favorite food item consumed!)

I think it is this same love of anticipation that makes us love romance stories. The concept of “falling in love with falling in love”. When will they notice each other or realize that they really don’t hate one another? What will happen at the first kiss? When and how will the couple come together.

We can read romances again and again, despite knowing how it is going to turn out, because we get to recreate that anticipation‑all that delicious excitement that gives us goosebumps and sweetly invades our dreams. The best thing about romance books is that we get to do all of that without have the scary uncertainty of real life.

 Shaleen Kapil's new Starfish Beach series is a spin off from The Winning Bid and is a fictional town based off of one of her favorite beaches. You will find My Christmas Cupcake in the SRR Christmas Box Set available September 2015!

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  1. My granddaughters are just like your son.

  2. It's wonderful that you're asking your kids that every night. It will help them develop an attitude of gratitude for the good things in their lives. You're absolutely right about the anticipation of romance novels. At this point, I've ready thousands of them, but the anticipation is what always makes me pick up the next one. Love your book cover.