Wednesday, May 13, 2015

One Crazy Mother

Recently, someone asked me to describe myself in three words or less. One crazy mother is what I came up with.

Why you ask?

Well, there are probably a plethora of likely reasons (genetics, kids, lead poisoning…who knows?). Personally, however, I’m blaming my current bout of insanity on the fact that we’ve decided to sell our house, and that, as any formerly sane home owner knows, is one of the number one ways to lose one’s mind. But it’s not just the house that I’m worried about. (That would be bad enough because, seriously, my husband and I have spent the past 25 years collecting enough stuff to sink a tanker.) The problem is exacerbated because this stuff has spread over our entire little farm like a disease.
Everything needs de-cluttering and painting and cleaning and seeding and weeding and... I start to wheeze just thinking about it.

But that’s not the extent of this sad little tale; there are a couple hundred other things that beg for my attention. I have a few novels in the works. (I’m a full time author and have published about 50 titles with Harper Collins, St. Martin’s Press, Random House, etc.) More recently, Hearth Stone was just released by Kensington Books a month or so ago. But its spinoff, tentatively called Where the Heart Is, still needs work. Plus there are a couple dozen other yet-to-be-written tales constantly tapping at my brain.

Then I have grandbabies. Ahhhhh….grandbabies…those tiny adorable people with whom I want to spend every waking hour.

And horses…did I mention the horses? Last count we had seven of the hairy hay burners. I train and ride and compete on them in a number of different events. Plus I judge horse shows.

So yes, okay, I see how it might not be a bad idea to focus on getting the house on the market. But I love all the things I do. Hence I ride and write and paint and de-wallpaper…and generally go insane.

So that’s me in a nutshell. Get it? Cuz I’m nuts. But I’m crazy happy to be here at SRR. And to celebrate I’d like to give away a copy of Finding Home, the first book in my Hope Springs trilogy. Just answer me this…if you were in the market for a new home, what’s the number one thing you’d look for. Leave a comment and I’ll choose a winner.

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  1. Such a funny column, Lois. I'd look for storage (sounds like you need some, too)

  2. So glad to have you join us here, Lois! And such a fun column. Best wishes with all the craziness in your world. :)

  3. Thanks ladies. I'm very much looking forward to meeting you. In New York?

  4. Hi Lois, You are a very busy and one talented lady! I used to ride and own horses when I was younger, I miss it a lot. I pray all goes well with the selling of your farm.
    jennydtipton at gmail dot com

  5. I think you have to be a little crazy to be a good writer! Best of success on selling your land! Can't wait to meet up with you and all of the SRR group in NYC!