Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Last Minute Lizzie by Aileen Fish

Hello, my name is Aileen and I'm a procrastinator. I've probably mentioned this in the past, but it's an ongoing issue, as is demonstrated by this post going up late. But hey, the day isn't over yet!

I still remember my high school English teacher saying my term paper read well at the start, but the ending seemed more like I'd stayed up all night to finish it.

How curious. *insert innocent look here*

I start with the best intentions. I don't overestimate my ability to accomplish a certain task in a given amount of time. The problem is underestimating all the delays life will throw at me in the meantime. The universe spends a lot of time laughing at me, I think.

Are you a procrastinator or one of those amazing beings who is capable of sticking to a schedule? If you are one of the latter, I'd love to hear how you manage the little things that pop up to delay your plans.

Aileen Fish is currently recuperating from a late-night, last-minute revision of her new release, Her Impetuous Rakehell. When she's not lost in the past or in her imaginary town of White Oak, she can be found playing with her three-year-old granddaughter. Stay up to date with her on Facebook or her webpage.

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  1. Aileen, I had to laugh about your term paper. I stayed up all night writing my senior term paper. I'm a procrastinator, too.

  2. I remember those late nights. I'd fall asleep now.

  3. I stay up too late every night! And I procrastinate all the time--especially when it's my turn to write a blog post. Ha-ha

  4. The best laid plans... so often get derailed. I can't stay up late, so I make a list of things I want to accomplish for the day, start early and try to get as much done as possible before my plans began to unravel (which they inevitably do!). I remember staying up the night before Christmas break ended my junior year of high school to finish all the homework I put off completing. (Who gives homework over Christmas break, anyway!). :)