Monday, January 5, 2015

Frosty nights and New Year's resolutions.... by Roxanne Rustand

Brrrrrrr!!  Here in the Midwest, we are looking at about seven more inches of snow tonight, followed by high winds, plummeting temps and windchills of -40 F by tomorrow morning.
We live on acreage out in the country, so this means there's a good chance our dead-end country road will be drifted shut.  Winter is here! 

So, I ran all necessary errands in town today, bundled the three horses up in the barn early this evening before the snow started, and counted tails to make sure all six kitties were safe inside before closing the doors.  A little planning, and we are set for whatever weather difficulties arise.

Now, as I settle down at the computer to write this and re-read Mona's charming Sweet Romance Reads blog post from two days ago, I'm reminded of my own New Year's resolutions for 2015--most of which are meant to help me plan and prepare for having a
productive year of writing.

With the high probability of being snowbound tomorrow,  I can get started on the first resolution: tackling my disaster of an office so it will be clean, organized and conducive to being able to buckle down and focus.  I'm excited about getting back to work, now that the holiday rush is over,  and can't wait to get started!

So how about you...did you make some resolutions on January 1st?  Have you started on them yet? What things do you plan to accomplish in 2015--more time with friends and family?  Something related to career or hobbies or self-fulfillment?

Elmo the Dog is certainly pursuing his own resolution: staying warm when the wind is howling outside!  :)

Award-winning author Roxanne Rustand has written over thirty-five titles for Harlequin's Superromance, Heartwarming, Everlasting, Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense lines. She self published three novels last year, and her A Scottish Christmas novella was part of the USA Today Bestselling anthology,  Sweet Christmas Kisses.

She is currently starting a three-book contract for Love Inspired and also continuing her self-published projects.


  1. Every year I make a list of resolutions, both personal and professional. Some items get accomplished by the end of the year and some don't, but because life is never predictable, that's okay. I need some sort of list or I get caught up in too many things that aren't productive. Now that I'm retired, most of my plans are centered around writing.

  2. Am I glad I moved to Florida and left behind the harsh winters of Ohio! I feel so bad for you Roxanne I don't dare telling you what's the temperature in Florida right now.