Sunday, January 18, 2015

Beating the Winter Blahs by Raine English

Now that the holidays are over and all the decorations are put away, the thought of the long winter ahead can be pretty depressing. Especially living in New England, where in addition to the freezing cold, many days are just gray and dreary. It makes me long for summer. So what to do?

Brighten up the house. I start with my office, since that’s where I spend most of my time. I like to fill it with candles and fresh flowers. You can purchase bouquets inexpensively from your local grocery store.

Enjoy a cup of herbal tea.

Instead of a shower, take a long, hot bath and fill the tub with great-smelling salts or bubble bath, and you’ll feel the stress fade away.

Simmer a pot of water filled with cinnamon sticks. The scent will fill the house and lift your spirits.

Listen to your favorite upbeat music.

Think spring and have a light dessert of sherbet or sorbet.

On a sunny day, take a walk and really soak up those rays.

These are just a few ways to beat the winter blahs. There are many more. What are some that work for you?


USA Today bestselling author Raine English writes sweet small-town romances. She lives in New England with her family and her French bulldog, Bailey. For information on her books, visit her website at


  1. I open my window and set one of those sun-activated hula girls. On cloudy and foggy days, she stays quiet. But on days when the sun is shining I've got instant summer.

  2. I'm not a fan of winter. After New Year I feel like hibernating until Spring time. I do take advantage of every nice day to go for a long walk with my dog. Today was cold but beautiful, sunny, the sky blue. I love some of your other ideas.