Thursday, August 14, 2014

What's Your Opinion? by Merrillee Whren

The political season is well underway where I live. Political signs have sprouted on ever corner like weeds. Here is an intersection I go through almost daily.

Do you think these signs have any effect on voters?

Some people feel that pollsters invade their privacy. I, on the other hand, like to take opinion polls because I like to tell people what I think. I want my voice to be heard. I've taken polls about radio stations, my TV viewing habits, my food choices, gas stations, new product lines and books I like to read. Even my publisher Harlequin sends out opinion polls in the mail. Have you ever received an opinion poll from Harlequin?

In the past week, I've received two different phone calls that asked me to take an opinion poll about my plans to vote. The first time I received the call I believe I punched the wrong button and the automated poll concluded that my party affiliation didn't fit their poll. A few days later I received another call, and when I made the correct response, the poll continued. The poll asked me about several candidates running against each other in the primary. I have briefly read my voters' guide, but I haven't completely studied the candidates. My responses may not actually be how I decide to vote in the end. So when I hear about polls on the news, I'm wondering how many people are like me and gave an answer that might not be the way they eventually cast their vote.

Do you like to participate in opinion polls?


  1. No polls for me. I typically decline to participate.

  2. Occasionally I do, except if they start out with 'This will only take a few minutes of your time." Then I know it's going to drag on for half an hour.

  3. Angela, my husband is like you. If the phone ID shows a pollster, he automatically hands the phone to me. :)

  4. Patricia, I have participated in some polls that I wish I hadn't started because they took so long, but most of them only take a few minutes.