Thursday, August 7, 2014

Girls and Their Ponies with Shaleen Kapil

My daughter is probably like most of the other girls out there and wishes for her very own pony. Okay, my daughter would probably really prefer a unicorn but would settle for a pony.

Lucky for us, we have a friend who does have her own pony. He is called “Twinkle”. They let us visit him whenever we want. It makes my daughter happy, and I have don’t have to feed and muck out the stalls. (And the days my friend has to go out there in ankle deep mud to take care of the animals, I am doubly thankful.)

It is through spending this time with friends that I was able to write competently about the horses in my novel, None But You. In the story, my hero has come back to his aunt’s horse ranch. And, my heroine’s daughter gets a chance to visit the horses.

When you begin writing, you think, “Sure, I’ve been around horses. I’ve been to these places I’m writing about.” Then, when you start writing, you wonder, “Do I really know enough to make my character appear like an expert? Can I truly describe what the setting is like in both winter and summer?” That is one of the reasons authors have so many acknowledgements. We’ve got to ask a lot of questions.

Thus, I guess I should now acknowledge our “pony friends” for helping to educate this author about horses and their care.

Shaleen Kapil's first book, None But You, is now available in Paperback & eBook formats. None But You is a contemporary romance with lovable and often humorous characters.


  1. I love horses! I had a pair for 25 years (they died of old age...) and sometimes I really miss them. They had very distinctive personalities.

  2. I am also a horse lover. I had a horse as a teenager and she had quite the stubborn streak. Miss her!

  3. I still want a pony. I have dreams of becoming a bestselling author so I can get a place where I can have them.

  4. I love horses, though I'm not a good rider. They've got their own personalities and quirks that make them fun to be around -- especially if you don't have to clean up after them.

  5. Count me in as a horse lover. I've never owned a horse but I worked out with one regularly at a local barn a few years back. I only rode once or twice, but I did a lot of grooming and mucking out stalls. I found it all very relaxing. I fell in love with "my" horse.