Monday, May 19, 2014

Romance under the Moon by Merrillee Whren

These are some photos I took of the full moon rising over the mountains near my home. I wish my camera could have captured the magnificent spectacle in a better way.

The full moon is sometimes associated with romance. Here is a stanza from Irving Berlin's "Let's Face the Music and Dance."

"There may be trouble ahead 
But while there's moonlight 
And music and love and romance 
Let's face the music and dance."

Think of these romantic scenes. A dance in the moonlight. A walk on the beach in the moonlight. A proposal in the light of a full moon. Walking hand-in-hand through a park in the moonlight. A canoe ride on a lake in the moonlight. A horseback ride in the light of a full moon.

Which one is your favorite? Or can you think of one I didn't name?  


  1. I like the proposal under the moonlight scene. So romantic! What is it about the moon that brings out the romance in us?

  2. Aileen, I think it's the softness of moonlight that sets a romantic feeling. Think about how dining by candlelight is romantic. The softer lighting gives a different feeling than bright light.

  3. I agree Merrillee - the softness of moonlight hides so many hard edges and flaws, and it makes people's eyes shine. Ah, I love a walk in the moonlight ...

  4. I think it's the contrast between the black night and the bright round moon and the silvery light it casts on everything. Talk about setting the mood!

    Moonlight is also really handy for us historical writers--no streetlights in TX 1820!

  5. I think the moon also brings out, for me anyway, the spiritual, that there is a greater presence than us, that it can't just all be a fluke. Even when I get home from work and its dark, just walking up the drive and seeing the moon and the stars, makes me feel better!

  6. Milou, hiding flaws does a lot for romance. :)

  7. Lyn, never thought about no street lights in historical romances. We live in a "dark city." We have no street lights because there is an observatory nearby.

  8. Joanne, the moon and stars do show us something bigger than ourselves. The moon rise was absolutely breath-taking as it came up over the mountain.

  9. Nothing better than a warm ocean breeze and a full moon.