Sunday, November 19, 2023

Puppies For Christmas will Be Here Soon

What happens when four romance authors talk about writing a story with Christmas and dogs?

We get a month of 

🎉Sweet Holiday Reads


🎉Holiday Love

🎉Happily Ever Afters

Here’s what you can look forward to seeing:

November 21st 

Puppy Love and Christmas Joy by Merrillee Whren 

When Ella Hayden and her six-year-old daughter Joy move to Hallburg, Maryland, little do they know that a chance encounter with her cousin's old flame, Tony Zanetti, and a playful puppy will set the stage for an unexpected and heartwarming romance.

November 28th

Mistletoe Mischief by Merri Maywether

As Charlotte and Rex bond over their adopted dogs, Louis and his furry companion bring them closer than they ever expected, making them question if there's something more profound beneath their friendship, just in time for the holiday season.

December 5th

Cocoa’s Christmas Love by Josie Riviera

In the enchanting backdrop of Evergreen Valley, a florist's Wishing Blooms ceremony, a rescued pup named Cocoa, and the magic of Christmas rekindle a disillusioned photographer's holiday spirit, leading to a heartwarming journey of hope, love, and second chances.

December 12th 

The Holiday Puppy by Roxanne Rustand

As Lucy Brookes embarks on a quest to fulfill a lifelong dream and finds a lost pup on Waikiki Beach, she unexpectedly encounters danger and a chance at love, but when her pursuit of the puppy's owner leads to a deadly threat, her adventure takes a perilous turn.

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Mistletoe Mischief is my contribution to the Puppies For Christmas Stories. 

I’d like to introduce Charlotte and Rex with a snippet from their meet-cute.

Charlotte was about to turn around when she heard it. Woo—whoa whoa whoa—woo. The crooning sounded like dog talk for, “Please come over here.”

      She inched toward the sound, guarding her gaze to sneak a peek into the next cage. The cutest dog with tufts of white hair strutting from its ears continued the conversation. Her fingers itched to slide along its black, wavy hair, shining beneath the light.

      There were a couple more woos, but Charlotte got the message. The dog wanted to have a little chat with her.

      “Awww, are you having a rough day?”

      Charlotte was sure she understood the dog. It said, “I’ve been in here all day, and I just want some treats, some cuddles, and a warm bed.”

      “And a Hallmark Christmas movie?” Charlotte asked.

      The dog replied with a one-word yip. “Yes.”

      “Hold on one minute. I’ll go get Angie.” Charlotte pivoted and ran face-first into a human wall. He took hold of her arms before she fell back. His touch was soft, yet his grip was firm enough to steady her.

      Charlotte’s thoughts danced around her head. She’d bumped into people before, but none of the interactions demanded that she take notice of the person in front of her. The guy was a little taller than her, and she felt safe beside him.

       “I’m sorry. I was so busy enjoying your conversation.” He gestured with his hand toward the Terrier. “I didn’t realize how close we were.”

      They were close. Close enough that his cologne dulled her senses. The unpleasant odor of overeager dogs disappeared. Poof. Gone.

      The only scent Charlotte sensed was musky and warm and masculine—and Charlotte blinked. She had almost gotten lost in the fragrance. Forgotten that she was in the very spot because she had no interest in men for the foreseeable future. Especially men with eyes that told stories of a kindhearted person behind them. She stepped away from the man.

      Charlotte needed the dog. To save her from herself.


The rest of Charlotte and Rex’s story will be available on November 28th

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  1. So excited about this series and the wonderful "puppy" books.