Thursday, November 30, 2023

Holidays and Family - Laura Scott


Holidays and Families by Laura Scott

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are (like me) looking ahead to Christmas. The best thing about the holidays is being with family. 

Oh, I know sometimes families can be trying. But with larger families like ours it's one of the few times we are all together. And that is truly something to celebrate!

One of our family traditions is to play games. There are so many of us now, with kids being married with spouses that we sometimes have two or three games going at one time. 

So tell me, what are some of your family traditions? Inquiring minds want to know. 

Speaking of families, if you've read my Finnegan First Responders series you know these books are all about family. And the last book in the series, Christmas Crisis will be available on Dec. 5th. (The ebook and audiobook is already for sale on my website.)

The Finnegans discover they are cousins of the Callahans. And the Callahan siblings help the Finnegans throughout the series. In Christmas Crisis, Elly, the youngest Finnegan brings both families together in a Christmas Day reunion. Don't miss the exciting conclusion to the Finnegan First Responders series!

Christmas Crisis by Laura Scott $3.99

Walking the line between danger and love!

Active Shooter at the Christmas parade…

EMT Elly Finnegan instinctively jumps into the line of danger when a gunman opens fire at the Christmas parade. Despite hating the sight of blood, she acts exactly as she’s trained to do. Tactical officer Joe Kingsley is there, too and they work together to save lives. But when more shots are taken near her home, Elly and Joe realize the danger is far from over.

Joe promises Elly’s brother Rhy that he’ll protect the youngest Finnegan sibling with his life. But as danger stalks them, it proves a difficult promise to keep. This shooter wasn’t your typical rage filled young man—this guy had a cold and deadly purpose. And it was up to Joe and the rest of the tactical team to uncover his motive before he strikes again. Can Joe keep Elly safe so she can celebrate her Christmas family reunion with the Callahans?

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