Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Can you help me with a book cover? Roxanne Rustand

 What season do you love the most?  For me, it's October, and it's finally here! I've been counting the days, looking forward to sweater weather and the beautiful autumn leaves we see in the Upper Midwest. The blazing colors can take one's breath away.

But as much as I want to be outside enjoying every second of that glory, I've been working long hours in my office and wondering why I ever thought that having three book releases this fall was a good idea. LOL!

DEADLY NOEL will be released October 18th.

DEADLY BETRAYAL will be released  November 14th. 

And both of them are now at a bargain pre-order price!

Just click on the book titles above to read more about them. 

The books in this series can be read in any order.

I have a question, though. 

My Christian romantic suspense and mystery books have underlying themes about family and faith, and often include a dog important to someone in the story. The dog then becomes an element on the bookcover. 

I goofed with DEADLY BETRAYAL. I really liked the cover and didn't realize until now that I'd forgotten to request the dog! 

Should I request a new cover? Do details like this matter to you? Would it hint at this romantic suspense having a warmer tone than a very gritty, hard-edged suspense?

I would love to hear your opinion. Leave a comment, and you will be in a drawing for a free e-book, your choice, from any of my series published in the last three years.  

Wishing you a lovely autumn,

Roxanne Rustand
USA Today Bestselling Author

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