Saturday, September 30, 2023

Lyn Cote Asks "How did you meet your true love?"

 I love to write about Opposites Attracting--since my husband and I are just that! He was an electrical engineer and I was a school teacher and now an author--one of numbers, the other words! No wonder we have a hard time communicating! We met at a church couples New Year's Eve Party and were married the first week of October. We fell in love and married and have not regretted it but sometimes I think we're some different planets! How about you and yours?

Here's my true love. Yes, he loves the outdoors and I like to browse libraries. Ah, true love! '-)

Here's my unlikely couple in my October 20th new release!


What happens when a “thinker” and a “live wire” collide? Sparks? Or a 5-alarm fire? 

Small town Pleasant Prairie has been slowly dying. Then an influx of Hispanic Americans gives the town much needed new life and possibilities. Pastor Tanner Bond hopes to connect the longtime families and the newcomers for the good of all. But he wants to make the right decisions and has prayed for help. 

But he didn't expect God to send him Lucy Kirkland. Bold, brash, and bilingual, Lucy swoops in to help Tanner take action among the new Hispanic residents. But she's also Tanner’s complete opposite—she is impulsive and confident while he ponders and second-guesses himself. 

Growing up as a PK, “preacher’s kid,” Lucy resented the restrictions put on her. So she doesn't want to have feelings for Tanner. But she does. Will her rush to bring harmony to the small town do more harm than good? And will this preacher’s daughter realize that she would make this preacher’s perfect wife?

Don’t miss this heartwarming story of love and faith by USA Today bestselling author of over fifty romances. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE. It's on pre-order for $1.99 till Oct 19th. Don't miss the discount!-Lyn

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