Thursday, February 16, 2023

Kimberly Rose Johnson is Celebrating Valentine's Day With a 99 Cent Book

 Historically, Valentine's Day is not a holiday I enjoy. That being said, since writing my anti-Valentine's Day book, I've softened. 

My reason for disliking the day was I always tried to make it special, and my husband treated it like any other day. 

Can you relate?

Now that I've written A Love Song for Kayla, he's improved. We don't do gifts or cards, but we do try to acknowledge the day. We never go out on Valentine's Day, but somtime near the day we go out to lunch or dinner and say it's for Valentine's Day.

This casual approach to the day has taken away the expectations, and now I don't have a bad attitude.

In honor of Valentine's Day, I've reduced the price of A Love Song for Kayla ebook to 99¢ for this week only. The Sale ends Feb. 18, 2023. The book is free to read with Kindle Unlimited. 

Here's is a bit about A Love Song for Kayla

Kayla Russel hates Valentine's Day and has all but given up on finding love until a new guy to town walks into her flower shop right before her least favorite day of the year. There is something mysterious about him that intrigues her, but when she finds out the truth everything changes.

Get your copy today from Amazon or read the entire series in a convenient anthology.

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