Saturday, August 7, 2021

Moving On…by Kristin Wallace

“I love moving,” said no one ever, I’m sure. 

In fact, moving is one of the most anxiety-driven, exhausting things you can do, as I realized this past month. After 16 years in my apartment, my roommate and I got the bright idea to look for a new place. For one thing, the apartment was getting old and many things needed to be fixed that would be hard to do with us living there. Then there’s my dog. The apartment doesn’t really allow pets. 

Since our lease was up at the end of July, we started looking in early June. You should know that the rental market is VERY tight right now in the US, as is the residential housing market. There weren’t a lot of available places and the ones that did show up were quickly snatched away. We found one promising townhouse, but with multiple bids on the place, we lost out. 

Finally, a realtor friend agreed to help. Just when we were both ready to give up and stay in our apartment another year, a listing came back on the market. It was in the right area and around the same rental price. Turned out to be a condo complex and we’d be renting from the owner. The place was older, but bigger than our current apartment and very well maintained.

 As a bonus it’s gated, with security, two pools, tennis courts, a fitness center, and a clubhouse. We even loved the owner, who seems like a decent, funny guy.

We put in a bid and it was accepted! 


Unfortunately, once all the paperwork was processed, we only had a week to get packed up and move! You ever tried to move that fast? It’s crazy! 


Still, we love the new place, and we’re very happy.

Kristin Wallace is a USA Today Bestselling author of inspirational and sweet contemporary romance filled with Love, Laughter, and a Leap of Faith. She has three best-selling series: Covington Falls Chronicles, Shellwater Key Tales, and Palm Cove Tales. Look for CHRISTMAS CHARADE, a brand-new Covington Falls Chronicles book as part of the Holiday Fake-Out box set. 

Christmas Charade - Covington Falls Chronicles

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