Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Life of a Freelance Copywriter by Kristin Wallace

While many may know me as an author, I also have a “day job” as an advertising copywriter. That means I come up with the words for marketing materials, from TV commercials and radio spots to print ads, and brochures. I also do a lot of social media and blog writing. 


Right now I’m working as a freelance copywriter so that means “I” am the boss! Before my current role, I worked at an ad agency for 10 years. 


My job requires me to do a lot of research so I can develop ad copy and blogs. I’ve learned so much about different subjects. When I was at the ad agency we worked extensively with hospitals and health plans. As a result, I learned so much about healthcare topics. I can tell you about heart surgery procedures, heart disease, orthopedic surgery, cancer treatment, women’s health, diabetes, rehabilitation techniques, and on and on. 


As a freelancer, the subjects I write about are a lot more varied. I work with a company that produces blogs and web pages for car dealerships. I have learned a lot about different models and car systems/features. With some of my clients, I’m assigned a blog topic. With others, I’m able to choose from a list of available topics. In a single day, I can go from writing about the best fishing spots near Branson, MO to the gas mileage of a Jeep Wrangler. Look at these topics…


·      Phishing schemes

·      Sensory processing issues

·      Remote learning

·      How to pick the right college

·      STEM education and STEM jobs

·      Best roof materials for hot climates

·      Best wheelchairs for seniors

·      Best camping sites in Missouri

·      Lead Magnets

·      How long laptop batteries last

·      Wound care

·      Backyard landscaping ideas

·      South Carolina real estate

·      Best Nashville neighborhoods

·      3D scanners

·      Training your dog to become an AKC Trick Dog

·      Dental implants

·      Different kinds of valves

·      Chevy Suburban

·      Mazda CX-5


Obviously, I’m not an expert on valves or AKC training. I don’t truly understand “scientific” medical terms (that’s truly another language). But I do know "a little bit about a lot of things". 


My job is all about learning new things and that keeps it interesting. I couldn’t do it without the Internet, though. It makes my job possible. Google is definitely my best friend. 


What’s the most interesting thing about your job?


Kristin Wallace is the USA Today Best Selling Author of sweet contemporary and inspirational romance filled with Love, Laughter, and a Leap of Faith. She is the author of the three best selling series, Covington Falls Chronicles, Shellwater Key Tales, and Palm Cove Tales.

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  1. Kristin, that sounds like a cool job. I had a neighbor when we lived in FL, who did newsletters for doctors. She knew a lot of medical terms.