Sunday, September 20, 2020

New Member Intro

 by Fran McNabb

A big thank you to the authors of Sweet Romance Reads for including me in their group. Since this is my first post to this blog, I’d like to introduce myself. I’ve been writing sweet romances since my first book was published in 2006 by Avalon Books. In fact, it was one of my fellow Avaloners, who told me about this group. (Thank you, Jean.)

Writers love the written word and most have a story about when they knew they wanted to be authors. My story isn’t exciting or unusual. I was a high school English and journalism teacher. My world revolved around words and literature. When I had to take an early medical retirement and found myself stuck in the house, boredom set in. I had always been a “closet writer,” so I had lots of old, typewriter pages of manuscripts stuffed under my bed. One day as I cleaned, I found these manuscripts and began to go through them.  That’s when I knew I had the time and the love of writing to do something with them.

I could have gone in many directions with my writing, but it was Avalon, a family-friendly library publisher, who took a chance on me. They published the first three of my books, and publishing with them led me to choosing my sweet brand. Montlake Publishing now owns those three books as well as one more. The Wild Rose Press has published two novels and one short story. (“Smoothing a Rocky Road” is my newest. It’s a short read in their One Scoop of Two Series.) I also have three books with Winged and six self-published books (three are still available.)

I enjoy creating stories where couples are awakened to the awareness of love and to the realization that their love can bloom. In my latest story, “Smoothing a Rocky Road,” my characters meet on the Gulf Coast, which is my home. The story is a quick beach read and features a local teacher and a pilot in the Air Force who is on temporary duty at Keesler Air Base in Biloxi. It can be found at

Again, I am thankful to be part of Sweet Romance Reads and I look forward to meeting the readers of this blog.

FRAN MCNABB grew up along the beaches, islands, and waterways of the Gulf Coast and uses this setting in many of her sweet romances. Visit her at


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    1. Thanks, Merrillee. I'm happy to be here with such a fine group of writers.

  2. Welcome, Fran. We're glad to have you here. :)

    1. Thanks for the welcome, Janice. Glad to be here.

  3. Donna, thanks for the welcome and thanks for your help.

  4. I love your "ice cream story" because who doesn't love ice cream and sweet romances?

  5. I for one love ice cream! Thanks for stopping by, Cara.

  6. Welcome, Fran. We're so glad to have you with us!!