Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Sweet Romance Book Bargain by Lyn Cote and Margaret Daley

Bred to be the perfect Southern belle, Chloe faces the young 20th century and becomes more than she ever imagined~

On sale for 99 cents--Meant for Me,the first ebook in my historical series, "The Carlyle Women." If you'd like to sample the first three chapters , 

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The Carlyle Women-four generations, 

each facing the challenges of her time 

and each harboring her own painful secret~

Love Gone to the Dogs—FREE through Oct. 30th

Blurb: Single mom, Leah Taylor, has her hands full with a grandfather, an inventor, who lives a bit risky when it comes to his job and two sons, one a rambunctious genius. But it is her free-spirited beagle who gets her into trouble with her new neighbor, Dr. Shane O'Grady, when her dog makes a move on his champion bichon that he wants to breed. 

Leah and Shane clash over their dogs that clearly like each other. Leah is determined to ignore her neighbor, but when her youngest son who tries to defy gravity and fly ends up hurt, it is her neighbor, the doctor, who takes care of her son. Can Leah and Shane find love or has love gone to the dogs?
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  1. Lyn and Margaret, thank you for sharing your book bargains!

  2. Wow, Lyn and Margaret! Such great reads. Thanks for sharing.