Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Lyn Cote-Do You Like to Play Make Believe?

I belong to the Love Inspired Historical Group on Goodreads. If you are a member of Goodreads, you have a great opportunity to play MAKE BELIEVE. 

This is an active group of readers who love sweet and inspirational historical fiction and they love to throw themselves into group activities where they become part of the story. Would you like to join us for


ANNOUNCING the first ever LIH Goodreads Oregon Trail Trip!

The year is 1859. The wagon train will be comprised of women (and their children if any) who are going west to join their husband, betrothed or father who have gone on before them. No man will accept the position of guide and wagon master. We ladies are on our own. Are you up for the challenge? 
August 6th – 10th. JOINING. This first week you must bring your teams and wagon, gear and supplies to Independence Missouri to be approved. (A list sufficient to meet your needs for the entire trip that you must meet per person will be posted.) You will register by providing the guide with written assurance of your compliance on your arrival. And by giving your reason for wanting to join the wagon train.

If you cannot harness or handle and drive your teams, or load and shoot a rifle or pistol with reasonable accuracy, you must learn during this first week. There will be cowboys on hand to teach you what you need to know. You can sign up to join their classes. Also, as I will have to serve as advance scout, we will need four volunteer wagon masters to lead the train. (Lyn will serve as wagon master for one of the days.) On Friday the volunteer wagon masters will be assigned their days, wagons will be assigned their positions in the train, and in the evening there will be a farewell hoe down dance with local cowboys. 

August 13th – 17th. The journey begins. We leave first thing Monday morning. Be prepared, ladies! Who knows what may happen… 

If you are already on Goodreads, you just need to go to the group and click Join. You will be approved and then you can join us. Here is the link

Some call in half-breed and all call her a lady. Few in 1825 would judge them equals~

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So are you up for the challennge?--Lyn Cote


  1. What an exciting event, Lyn. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. As a child, I loved to play make believe. As a writer, I still do.

  3. Sounds wonderful I'm confused. Is this an actual real trip or a virtual trip. I'd love to do either but the real one would be out of the question.

    BTW, I just bought your book "Journey To Respect." Looking forward to reading it. One of your books was my first Love Inspired book that I read...Hope's Garden. Loved it and reread it numerous times. I am now writing [I was before but with no real goals to be published] with the goal of having a book published by HLI. So far three refusals...not due to my writing; they said they liked the, rather due to content of stories. I am back at the keyboard trying to write and outline for a new story. [I'm not good at outlines...I am a pantser]

    If the Oregon Trip is virtual I would like to participate. Interestingly I went to Oregon this spring for the very first Yachats, not far from Eugenia. [I think]. Loved Oregon.

    Blessings <3

  4. I've always loved to make believe.

  5. Fun! Thanks for sharing, Lyn!