Sunday, May 20, 2018

It's the 20th of the month again ...

... and we're back to bring you free e-books! The nine authors of the next Sweet Christmas Kisses anthology, due in September, have revealed their backgrounds: What kind of day job keeps them busy when they're not writing / or what kind of training they have had -- and then, they have revealed the jobs of their heros and heroines . . . and it really is an amazing mix!

But read for yourselves ... and don't forget to tell us about your dream job and which profession you would most like to read about. Three lucky winners will get a free e-book from our authors! Write your comment at the page of our Facebook café:

Beate Boeker works in marketing. Her heroine is a product designer who creates funky household articles, and her hero is an architect who has just inherited a big farm house. But when he asks her about her job, she's in a bad mood, so she spontaneously tells him she's a lion tamer . . .

Christine Bush is a Marriage and Family therapist who also teaches psychology at a local college. Many of her stories include healing and growing for her characters.  In her new Christmas novella, "Christmas with the Carmichaels", her hero and heroine are FAR from young, dealing with issues of life changes, aging and family  as they face a new relationship. Love can come at any time of life!

Mary Alford is a full time author. In Ghosts From Christmas Past, Charlotte Swenson, the heroine, wakes up from an eight year coma, unable to remember her past. Dylan Parker is the sheriff of Bitter Creek, Colorado. Dylan and Charlotte were in love in high school. Throughout all those eight years, Dylan visited Charlotte all the time. After being urged by friends and family, Dylan has only recently begin to put his life together and move. And now Charlotte's awake…

Josie Riviera is a full time author, and also a piano teacher. Her heroine, Eve, in a Christmas to Cherish, is a professional harpist. The hero is a sheriff.

Roxanne Rustand  is now a full-time author, after years of working as a registered dietitian.
In her new Christmas novella, the kindergarten teacher heroine was jilted by her fiance three months ago, but rather than losing all of the hard-earned, non-refundable honeymoon money she spent on a VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) and the plane tickets, she goes to Paris anyway. The hero is in Paris for a medical conference--alone, as his wife left him last year for their way-too-handsome handyman. Neither the hero nor the heroine has any interest in a finding a new romance...

Milou Koenings is a freelance writer who moonlights as a lawyer. In her upcoming novella, her heroine is a famous model dreaming of a career change, and her hero is a volunteer fireman. Not so clear, though, who saves whom...

Liwen Y. Ho has her Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, but hung up her therapist hat when she became a stay-at-home mom. She now works as a chauffeur and referee by day and an author by night. Both her hero and heroine are in the law field. He's an overbearing divorce attorney, and she is his (in his eyes) ditzy legal assistant.

Jean C. Gordon was a tax and financial writer and planner for more years than she cares to admit, but broke free to become a full-time romance author three years ago. Her hero is a motocross racer, who was jilted at the altar a couple of weeks ago and is hiding out at the racing team barracks for the holiday season. The heroine is an out-of-work news reporter and temporary pizza deliverer who's just snagged a freelance assignment to get a tell-all interview with the reclusive hero. See what happens when they get trapped at the barracks by a mudslide.

Kristin Wallace wears many hats as a writer. She has worked as an advertising copywriter for over 16 years, both in ad agencies and as a freelancer. Past clients included the Miami Marlins baseball team, Sea World, World Vision, and several hospitals. In her book, Second Chance Christmas, the heroine is actually out of work after a illness caused her to miss too much time at her cashier job. She moves back home to live with her sister and has an opportunity to work as a secretary/assistant for the head of Barrington Enterprises. There's just one issue...he just happens to be her long-ago, "secret" love. Oh, and she has a secret of her that she's been keeping for ten years.

Now it's your turn! Tell us about your dream job by writing your comment at the page of our Facebook café, and you might win a free e-book:


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