Sunday, November 27, 2016

Merry Sunday aka Christmas is coming

Christmas is finally here. I don't know about you but this weekend, I'm excited for the first time since I was a little girl myself. Why? I'm a mom now and I want to give my daughter the best Christmas I can. I know she won't remember, but she could ask questions. I want her to be able to see pictures and for us to tell her all about her first Christmas. As a single woman, I often simply went to my parents. My own apartment was pretty bare and hardly any Christmas. What was the point? 

Even after I married, my husband and I had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and that was at my insistence. I can't even find any pictures worthwhile though I know they exist, somewhere. We talked about going on vacation somewhere. Last year it was supposed to be San Franscisco. Then a week before the trip, I found out I was pregnant. I absolutely refused to go through those machines at the airport where they do a full body scan. I needed to protect my unborn, even if they say it's safe.

So this year, it's the season where my daughter gets to see and hear about Christmas. I'm trying to get my husband to take us to Disneyworld as that's the only place that can make faux snow here in Florida. He's balking because of the money I'm spending this year.
 However here is what is on my list.
1: Christmas Tree stand for real tree.
2: Christmas Tree
3: Christmas Lights
4: Christmas Wreath
5: Ornaments
6: Stockings
7: Christmas Tree Skirt
8: Presents, including the Christmas eve nightgown and book tradition.
9: Christmas Dinner
10: Inviting my parents to my house

So yeah I have big plans. It will cost this year because we don't have any of the trimmings. If anyone has any money saving tips to ensure some of the above mentioned things all stay in budget, that would be awesome.

I'm so excited this year. I hope each of you is doing amazing. I'm going to be taking this weekend to get myself in gear.
Merry Christmas!!!!
Oh and duh, if you've not read Sweet Christmas Kisses 3 and want to take time out of your busy schedule, please go and read this amazing boxed set.


  1. We have 99 Cents Only stores in Los Angeles where they have packages of ornaments and other decorations for 99 cents. Do you have stores like that in Florida?

  2. Victoria, you can start out with the basics this year and shop the after Christmas sales for stuff for next year. I added to my huge collection of Christmas stuff by doing that every year.

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