Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hello from new member

So most people on the blog here have no idea who I am. So I'll start at the beginning.
I'm Victoria Pinder.
I'm so excited that I joined this group.
My life is changing so much and joining a sweet romance is the next step in the journey.
In 2014 I married my wonderful husband and published two books the week of the wedding. It was quite hectic.

2015 I flew to the other end of the world and visited Iran. I could spend all day talking about what a great time I had. (The picture is me in the ancient sacked city of Persepolis.)

And now in 2016, I'm having a baby. My life is becoming more settled. And with that I've been reading more sweet romances than I had before.
I never wrote or read much of the other end of things anyhow. So when I joined these amazing ladies, I was so excited. For writing I always tried to stay in the middle. I don't like going to either end, but if I can't be a centrist, then I'm much happier just talking about the process of falling in love.
For most of my life, I never believed I'd truly experience anything beyond romance novels. I was quite okay with being single. Then things changed. So I'm changing and in a different place.


  1. What a fantastic journey you're on! Welcome to SRR!

  2. Hello from a fellow new member. I loved reading about your journey. So romantic!

  3. So glad to have you here, Vicki. Can't wait to see your baby bump. LOL

  4. Welcome, Victoria. You've had some exciting adventures. Having a baby will just add to those.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Victoria. Welcome!

  6. Welcome, Victoria! Thanks for sharing your exciting adventures with us.

  7. Welcome to the group, Victoria. And congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy! :)