Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Traditionless - by Magdalena Scott

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Okay, it's my second favorite after my birthday, but as far as national holidays, I love Thanksgiving best. That's because the day is not about stuff, but about gratitude, and I am a huge fan of gratitude.

Maybe my love of this holiday is what caused my freakishly high distress level when I found myself again this year, officially Thanksgiving Traditionless.

My life has changed so much in the last several years, and somehow Thanksgiving never got its own plan. Easter has a tradition. Christmas Eve has one, and Christmas Day.

But wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving was going to arrive without appropriate planning by me.

It does, you know. It arrives whether we're ready or not. Suddenly on the fourth Thursday of November, everybody is giving thanks, and--hey! That's it, isn't it? All I really have to accomplish is that. I've already eaten two big turkey dinners, one with family and one with church family. I've shared hugs and good wishes and listened to a fabulous choir song, and watched children play. I've touched base with people I had lost track of, and been blessed by those relationships.

On the official day this year, I will have dinner with another group of family. One morning this weekend I may go walking with a dear friend. Saturday I get to attend a baby shower, and my kids are coming over afterward for board games and biscuit pizzas.

Turns out my Thanksgiving tradition this year is Giving Thanks. Maybe by 2015 I'll come up with something more "set in stone," but then again, maybe not. Being flexible can add to the joy of the journey, when I realize it's a blessing.


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