Sunday, November 2, 2014

Romance Author DIY by Melinda Curtis

Back in June, Mr. Curtis and I decided to renovate our hall bathroom. We meant to finish before our daughter brought home her college boy friend for 4th of July. Ahem. Didn't happen. We meant to finish before the end of summer. Ahem. Didn't happen. Why? Because our son bought a fixer-upper and isn't it always more fun to work on someone else's house than your own?

Here are the things we need to do to complete our bathroom:

  1. Remove wallpaper strip
  2. Patch and texture walls
  3. Paint walls
  4. Install countertop, sink, and faucet
I have to say that I've tried to remove the wallpaper strip around the top of the bathroom. I remember putting up that strip when we first moved in nearly 25 years ago. I told Mr. Curtis I was gluing it down "right" so it would never steam off while the kids were showering. How "right" I was! I've been banned from the chore of stripping the wallpaper from the walls and here's why: I took the texture off the wall with it.  As for the second item on the to-do list, Mr. Curtis is the drywall/texture specialist in the household. This skill does not fall in my wheelhouse (and I did not make that big hole).

Those paying attention in the previous paragraph might note that items #1 & #2 must be done by Mr. Curtis...I can paint like nobody's business, but am not allowed to paint over wallpaper or untextured/unpatched walls. So #3 is a waiting game.

I have bids for item #4. I even picked out the countertop slab.

So, dear readers, how do you propose I motivate Mr. Curtis to finish up items #1 & #2, such that we have a usable guest bathroom for Thanksgiving?
Anyone? Anyone? Buehller? 

When not watching DIY shows or doing DIY projects, USA Today bestselling author Melinda Curtis can be found writing. Her latest release is a sweet romance set in fictional Christmas Town, Maine, where local legend has it that a kiss on December 24 under the mistletoe in the town square gazebo leads to wedding bells in the new year. Christmas, Actually is three sweet novellas about the three Banning siblings and their journey to that longed-for gazebo kiss.


  1. Put the TV remote into the guest bathroom, so Mr Curtis is reminded of the project?

  2. Cook his favorite meal? Make him a deal: if he finishes the walls, you'll do something he's been wanting you to do (if there is something)? Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Christy! He did take me countertop shopping yesterday after I mentioned writing this column and he paid for it!

  3. Bribery with baked goods usually works for Captain Cavedweller. ;) Good luck with your project!