Monday, September 29, 2014

A Q&A with the Sweet Christmas Kisses Authors

The release of Sweet Christmas Kisses is tomorrow! To celebrate, this week will be devoted to getting to know the books and characters in this set! The authors of Sweet Christmas Kisses have joined us today to share what got them excited to write their story.

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First up is Donna Fasano, author of An Almost Perfect Christmas. Hello Donna! What got you excited to write An Almost Perfect Christmas?

Donna: "Hello! The first character from An Almost Perfect Christmas to come to me was 8-year-old Izzie. She started chattering to me (as little girls often do) about how she wants her daddy to have Christmas all year long. I simply HAD to write her story."

Thank you so much, Donna, for sharing your story.

Next up is Ginny Baird, author of Mistletoe in Maine. Welcome, Ginny! Tell us a little about the inspiration behind Mistletoe in Maine.

Ginny: "Thank you! I'd spent some time on vacation with my husband in Maine, and really fell in love with its beauty. So many stories set in Maine take place on its rugged coast, but I was excited to write about a lesser known area... its isolated northwestern corner. It made the perfect romantic backdrop for a holiday tale, complete with skiing, dog sledding, horse-drawn sleigh riding, and of course lots, and lots of snow!"

Thank you, Ginny! That seems like a wonderfully romantic setting for a holiday story.

Helen Scott Taylor, author of The Army Doctor's Christmas Baby, joins us now. Welcome, Helen!  What led to the creation of this story?

Helen: "Hello everybody! Sean Fabian, the hero of The Army Doctor's Christmas Baby, is a hotshot army surgeon who operated on a child in one of the other Army Doctor books. A tall, blond, blue-eyed heartthrob, I knew the moment he stepped into the series he must have his own book."

I'm sure readers are glad you gave Sean his own book! Thank you for sharing!

The next author to join us today is Beate Böker, author of Stormy Times. Hello there, Beate! What can you tell us about your story inspiration?

Beate: "Hello! After a very exhausting trade fair in NYC, my fiancee and I took three days off to drive to Long Island. It was so beautiful and so serene that I fell for the area and immediately decided to set a book there!"

Thank you, Beate, for sharing that experience with us!

I would now like to welcome Melinda Curtis, author of The Christmas Promise. Thank you for being here today! Why did you write The Christmas Promise?

Melinda: "Hi! My friend Kim went to Ecuador to create an organic chocolate snack. Kim encountered bugs, downpours, and snakes-- nirva
na for a comedy writer. A fish-out-of-water story was born!"

It sounds like your friend is having quite the experience! Thank you for sharing with us.

The next Sweet Christmas Kisses author to join us is Aileen Fish, author of Christmas in White Oak. Hello, Aileen, tell us a little bit of the story behind your story.

Aileen: "Hello! This was my first book in my Small Town Sweethearts series where a main character had a child, so I was eager to put the feeling of a family Christmas into a story. I love huge family gatherings, especially at Christmas!"

Thank you Aileen, Christmas is a wonderful time of year for family to come together. 

Mona Risk, author of Her Christmas Cruise, joins us now to tell what her inspiration was.

Mona: "Hello all! Vacationing on a cruise is heaven for me. I relax and watch the people around. Honeymooners in love, retired couples enjoying their free time, elders fulfilling a bucket list. Many love stories start in the romantic atmosphere provided by a cruise. Her Christmas Cruise was written during a Mediterranean cruise."

That sounds like fun! Thank you for sharing your inspiration with all of us!

Let's welcome Magdalena Scott, author of Small Town Christmas! Hello, Magdalena.  It's a pleasure to have you here. Can you tell us the story behind Small Town Christmas?

Magdalena: "The pleasure is all mine! The plot started as a brainstorming session when I was training my replacement at the day job. We both had a “goose bumps” moment when I suggested the final scene. I dedicated Small Town Christmas to her."

I'm sure that was a great honor to her! Thank you for sharing Magdalena!

Last, but certainly not least, let's welcome Kristin Wallace, author of By Christmas! Thank you for joining us Kristin, what was the motivation behind By Christmas?

Kristin: "The heroine of my book (Noelle Robinson) had a minor role in my first book. She was a jilted bride. I loved the idea of giving “poor little Noelle” a happily ever after. Adding the element of the Christmas holiday and her having to run the town’s festivities just made the story all the more fun."

By Christmas sounds like a wonderful holiday story! Thank you, Kristin, for sharing!

I would like to thank the authors of Sweet Christmas Kisses for joining us today and sharing such fabulous backstory! It's always interesting to see the inspiration behind the stories we read. Come back tomorrow for more fun with Sweet Christmas Kisses!


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Every comment this week on our blog will earn an entry into a book prize package shown here, winner to be announced on Saturday! Comment every day to increase your chances of winning!
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