Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm Tap Dancing As Fast As I Can and Going Nowhere by Margaret Daley

Have you ever felt overwhelmed to the point you can’t or don’t want to do anything? Instead of getting things done on your to-do list, you play computer games or even clean and organize your house (okay that may be on your to-do list)? But you can’t do what you need to because you are tired and burnt out.

So how can you change your situation—slow down and actually get somewhere? Some things I’ve heard that work for people are:

1. Make a to-do list with everything you need to do and mark it off as you go—the more small tasks on the list the more you get to cross off and feel like you’ve accomplished something.
2. It’s okay to take breaks and you should frequently throughout the day but limit how long you take the one—use a timer if you need to.
3. Do something for fun that isn’t similar to the work you’re avoiding.

4. Exercise—whatever you enjoy doing.
5. Start something you’ve always wanted to do that puts a smile on your face.
6. Don’t lose track of your friends (and family). Touch base with them.

7. Take a vacation even if it is only a day or two. Vacations give you permission to forget work and just enjoy.
8. Eat nutritiously but also allow yourself a treat every once and a while (it’s okay to eat a piece of chocolate pie or in my case have a double dip cookie dough ice cream waffle cone.

9. Smile and laugh.
10. Give your problems to God. He is here to help us.

Okay, it’s your turn. What would you add to this list? Any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Great advice, Margaret! Especially the reminder to eat right.

  2. Good advice. I've been thinking about more study but have told myself,I would just be so overwhelmed, it's a dumb idea at this stage. Cope with what's on the plate now and don't take on anything new!

  3. Actually, Merrillee. I do get a neck and shoulder massage every month because I get so tense there. If I don't, I'm in pain. Joanne, I'm with you on adding nothing new to your plate until you can handle what you have.

  4. Don't sweat the small stuff. No one was ever killed by the dust bunnies under the bed. (This comment may show up twice. Don't know what happened to my first post.)

  5. Excellent advice, Margaret! And I know you're a POWER ACHIEVER. Glad to see you're keeping yourself healthy!!1

  6. A night on the couch watching a movie with my husband is always a wonderful and welcome break. As for productivity, that's harder! Sometimes there's no substitute for just getting STARTED.

    Thanks for the encouraging thoughts!

  7. Your first sentence describes how I'm feeling now as I'm finishing my book. Some days I'm so overwhelmed I do nothing. I'm at #10 on your list of suggested things to do.