Thursday, March 20, 2014

Here’s To Moody Readers…by Christine Bush

I admit it. I’m a moody reader. I guess I’m a moody writer as well. Often people ask me, “What is your favorite genre to read?” Or “Who is your favorite author?” It’s hard to answer that question. Like the weather, my mind changes all the time. And I like that.

Life is full of ups and downs. And my life (like so many women I know) is full of stages. Some are long, some are short. But all have an impact.

I love to write sweet romance stories. Much of the time, those are the words that flow from my brain and onto the page. But not always. Sometimes, in times of stress or grief (like the devastating months when someone dear to me was dying from cancer), no words of love, inspiration, or happy endings flow from me. But in a rough time, reading those delightful stories written by others gives me peace, and hope, entertainment and escape. I’m so grateful for that. But dealing with the many faces, feelings and moods of grief, I needed to write something else for a while. I wrote two books- of- my- heart middle grade fiction.

Over time, the happy ending romance stories began flowing again, and the joy returned.

Sometimes, in the midst of writing a story about love and family, I find myself scrolling through the Kindle for something new to read, and end up devouring a good mystery or suspense novel. What’s that all about? The diversity of genre seems to inspire, both in reading and writing.

Other days, when dealing with worry about an ailing grandchild, or a friend’s dilemma, I need the relief of a good laugh. There are a handful of favorite writers in several genres who have a way with words that simply make me giggle.

I’m aging. Sigh. There, I said it. While I’m generally content with the process, there are days when I am glad to grab a book that tells the story of a heroine with a few more years on her resume than the blushing young blossom in many books. When I find a writer whose stories fill that bill, I’m very glad of it on those certain days. But on the other hand, there are times when my mood is full of memories of those youthful years. In that mood I can be delighted reading the excitement and adventure of a heroine finding first time love.

That’s something that I love about books. Happy or dramatic, short or long, contemporary or historical, old or young, there is always something to fit my mood of the day, or stage of life. As a reader, as well as a writer, stories enhance my life. They inspire , entertain, and sometimes, just get me through a ‘moody’ time in my life. And I’m grateful for that!

How about you? How do your moods or stages affect what you read or write?


Christine Bush is the award winning author of many books and novellas of sweet romance and light mystery. She also writes Middle Grade Fiction. When she isn’t writing, she can be found working with clients as a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice, or teaching Psychology at a local college. She lives with her family and two crazy cats in northeastern Pennsylvania, and loves to hear from readers and aspiring writers. Her latest book is Cindy’s Prince. You can find Christine at and on Facebook.


  1. I agree, Christine, it's horses for courses. I feel drawn to different genres at different times. There are times when I feel too emotionally stretched or exhausted to take anything in. Then I do better with a movie or television show.

  2. Me, too, Christine. Sometimes I have to set my work in progress aside and I work on something totally different, writing just for me (I doubt my motorcycle riding stuntwoman with courage issues will ever be published, but she's fun and freeing to write). And sometimes I just need an episode of Sheldon Cooper/Big Bang to lighten things up.

  3. I bounce back and forth and over there between historical romance, contemporary romance and historical nonfiction. And sometimes I escape into my critique partner's work as a real break!

  4. I hadn't thought about it...I flip back and forth between genres, too. Interesting topic!

  5. Great post, Christine! I too find what I read totally depends on my mood...whether I need a good pick me up or a more intense drama! It's always romance, just which one... I do find as I too age (which I hate!!) I'd much rather read a story about someone even just a bit closer to my age with the maturity that hopefully goes along with it!

  6. Yes, I am a moody reader, too.
    Agree with those who love reading about older heroines. I love Jeanne Ray's stories with older couples, some much older, and I love that their romantic feelings don't change as they get older.