Friday, January 17, 2014

On Fresh Starts and New Novels by Ginny Baird

There’s nothing like the start of a new year, filled with hope and possibilities. In some ways, this fresh beginning mirrors the start of a new novel. I imagine the glorious cover image and cover copy as glimpses into the future – a preview of the coming journey. Picking up a new book stirs the same excitement as opening the new year’s calendar, examining all the pretty pictures for the months ahead, and happily anticipating what those months will hold. And then the journey begins with January: Chapter One.

Every month we live through carries us a bit farther along in our experiences and understanding. Just as each new chapter helps a story gently unfold, enlightening us to the protagonists’ struggles. But unlike in real life, the trials and tribulations we face in a book aren’t are own. They’re ours to encounter vicariously. So too can we live out that happy ending, and feel uplifted and renewed when we finally reach The End.

I once heard a sermon on “The Well-Punctuated Life” where our human existence was explored in literary terms. Each well-punctuated life needs all the things you’d imagine going into a story. Paragraphs and chapters for divisions of events and time; exclamation points for the high notes and question marks when we seek understanding; not to mention periods and capital letters, indicating one moment is done and a fresh one has begun. Much like we begin again each year in January.

During this cold winter month, I hope you’ll find at least one good book to keep you company. One that will engage you and hold you enraptured in its tale, as you travel along – chapter by chapter – with its hero and heroine. For there’s nothing like a novel to sweep us away, and no finer genre to fulfill this mission than romance.

Ginny Baird writes sweet romance and contemporary romantic comedy. You can visit Ginny at her website or connect with her at Facebook page and on Twitter.

Her newest release, Special Delivery: A Valentine’s Short Story, is now available at Amazon and other outlets.


  1. What a wonderful analogy for life. I do wish my life was like some of the wonderful romances I read, although I know that wasn't quite what you meant! I can't remember who said it but there is a quote, words to the effect of 'We are all the heroes of our own stories.' So true.

  2. Yes! We certainly are. But it's fun to live through the tales of others. Renewing, in a way. I just love fresh starts. Especially starting a new novel. I'm old school, and still like the feel of a paperback in my hands. Although ebooks are pretty cool, too. :)