Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Chasing Dreams - Cheryl St.John

I planned this new release after Christmas while a lot of people are still home and enjoying their holiday and possibly their new eReaders. This is such a busy time of year, and in my family we have birthdays from November to January, multiplying the gift giving, the gatherings and the cakes.

 Working to be outside the norm, we celebrated my granddaughter's 13th birthday last evening with Buffalo Wild Wings and a cake created from donuts. (She's a Stranger Things fan, so that's why you might not recognize the decoration.) Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday, so I'll be whipping up her favorite angel food. We will do anything for family, won't we?

The same goes for my character, Shaine, who has lost her sister, but now believes her nephew is still alive. The things Shaine dreams come true--and she has been dreaming that little Jack is still alive. She searches out the only person who can help her--but he has made a life for himself that doesn't involve searching for missing people. She is determined to find her nephew, so what's a girl to do?

A tormented man driven to seclusion…

A relentless beauty who won’t take no for an answer…

Shaine Richards’ sister and nephew were in a car that went off a bridge into the river. Maggie’s body was the only one recovered. Searchers said Jack could have been snagged below or washed up anywhere. But when Shaine dreams of the toddler, he’s alive. Therapists advise her to let go.

She’s tried to let go. But the dreams won’t let her.

Shaine knows Jack is alive and something terrible is about to happen to him.

The only man who can help her doesn’t want to be found—or involved. Austin Allen is a man who knows and sees more than most people will in their entire lifetimes. His mountain sanctuary is key to self-preservation. His gift holds the answers she needs. She must convince the enigmatic man to help before it’s too late.

But there’s another dark and mystifying complication...

Shaine has dreamed of Austin as well.

Two more birthdays next week, and on to New Years. Hubby and I plan to stay home and chill. I'll read a book! How about you?

You can get a copy of Chasing Dreams at your favorite retailer.


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